10 Areas In Your Home To Start Spring Cleaning First

May 03, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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Spring cleaning has nothing to do with spring, but for the seasons' sake, it's not a bad time to give your house a good clean. There's a time and place for a regular clean. Between us, you know some areas haven't seen water and soap in a while.


So, when we talk spring cleaning, we mean cleaning on a deeper level than what you usually do. Especially now that most of us are spending more time at home than usual, you must have noticed how much trash and dirt we create.

There is no better time than the weekend to begin your spring cleaning. However, if the thought of moving around furniture and scrubbing away at wall tires you, scroll below for ten areas you should start spring cleaning first.

Clean Windows


New season, new windows. Welcome spring with clear windows that shall allow you to see blooms in all of their glory. While you may want to reach for a newspaper or a wipe to battle the grim, rubber squeegees are probably your best bet.

Take the squeegee and dampen it in a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. With your rubber squeegee, move up and down in overlapping strokes to clean dirt off your windows. After, dry the windowsills with a cloth.

Dust Lightbulbs


Another great place to start is with your lightbulbs. They are often a forgotten part of your daily cleaning routine. However, they do gather dirt and grime over time. To clean them, you do not need any special cleaner; water will do.

Unscrew your light bulbs and take a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water and polish the bulb, making sure to avoid the metal part. If the bulbs are part of a fixture in the wall, dust them with a telescoping lamb's wool duster.

Clean Blinds


Give your blinds a good wash about three times a year. All you need is a super gentle wood cleaner on an almost dry sponge. However, if you own aluminum blinds, you want to wash them outside.

Make sure to place them on a slanted surface to allow the water to run. Cover the surface with an old sheet and scrub the blinds with water and a non-corrosive cleaner. After, hose them down and dry them with a towel to prevent rust.

Clean Out Vacuum


Your vacuum is your trusty friend. Therefore, before you start a deep clean, this is probably the first place to begin. Take a pair of scissors to the wheels and chop off the matted hair on the roller part and the wheels.

Your Appliances


Okay, we shall start with the more obvious ones. The refrigerator and the microwave should be on the top of your list. You use them almost every day, so it only makes sense to give them a good scrub. However, if this isn't your weekly chore, it's time to get started.

Another unlikely place you may have forgotten is the washer and the dishwasher. They do touch water often, but that does not mean that they are clean. For the dishwasher, target the filter, seal, water sprayers, etc. For the washer, make sure you clean often to avoid detergent buildup.

Parts The Vacuum Does Not Reach


Even without theorizing, you know the part of the house you do not vacuum or clean often. This may be a spot underneath the couch that the vacuum doesn't reach or one you don't get to often.

Think under your bed or heavy furniture. In that list include your vanity and entertainment cabinets. It might be a pain to return everything in place, but it's so worth it in the end.

Garbage Cans


Your trash can should only keep trash, not look like actual trash. If your garbage can starts looking dirty and smells like last week's dinner one hundred times over, it's time to spring clean.

Try to keep this up every month. Focus on giving it a good scrub down and disinfect it as well. The most important thing is letting your garbage can dry completely (every time) before replacing your bag.

Deep Clean Rugs


You probably give your rugs a good vacuum often. However, a deep clean is a perfect time to get your rugs spotless. First, clean rugs placed in higher traffic areas. These will need a deeper clean often than the ones in lower-traffic spaces.

Before you grab your soap and water, please note the washing instructions provided. For those that are machine washable, toss them in the washer. Other materials like synthetic rugs may require an extractor. You can rent or buy one and use them to get rid of the stains. Let your rugs dry entirely before placing any furniture on them.



Pillows hold our heads at night, so it only fits that they get the spring treatment. When we say pillows, we mean pillow, not just pillowcases. You can do so every 3 to four times a year. All you need to do is follow the washing instructions on the tag. However, if your pillow has outlived its usefulness, it may be time to replace it.

Tops of Woodwork, Mirrors, and Frames

While doing your daily chores, it may skip your mind to dust the tops of your furniture. These gather loads of dust daily, so why not use the weekend to wipe off the dust of mirrors, frames, and furniture. For this, use a dusting cloth or damp paper towel.