10 Cleaning Hacks On TikTok That Actually Work

Jul 17, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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TikTok has taught us some of the most brilliant things, and it comes in a short clip, so your lesson isn’t longer than a minute! Unfortunately, your cleaning can’t happen that quickly, but you can pick up those cleaning hacks in a matter of minutes!


Let’s face it, not all of us like cleaning! It’s a pain to do, but it’s suffering through the act itself or living in a huge mess that’ll require twice the work to clean!

But TikTok has also brought up the idea that we might not be cleaning everything as best we can. The users always find room for improvement, so here are TikTok’s cleaning hacks.

1. Put The LEGOs In The Dishwasher


Kid’s toys are so tiny, and it’s time-consuming and annoying to scrub each LEGO clean manually. What you can do is toss the lot into a laundry bag and put them through a cycle in the dishwasher!

You’ll get them clean and disinfected in no time! So you can spend your time better watching your kid before they get themselves into another sticky situation!

2. Strip Your Laundry


Do you really think your washing machine is doing enough to get the dirt out of your clothes? If you did, then this TikTIok hack is going to prove that you’ll still be able to get the dirt out of your clothes if you try stripping it with some borax, detergent, and washing soda!

3. Clean Your Toilet Tank


If you thought washing inside the bowl and around the toilet was enough while cleaning your toilet tank, think again! If you’ve never scrubbed the inside of your toilet tank, you might want to start scrubbing it now!

4. They Should Sell Toothpaste This Way!


This hack is for kiddies toothpaste, but it might just be the toothpaste dispenser we all need in life! It’ll solve the debate of how you squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube, but you’ll have to be careful not to mistake it for the hand wash!

5. Get The Grout White And Bright


You can use toilet cleaner to get your grout clean, but it comes at a cost! It’s going to require a lot of elbow grease, so only take it on if you have the energy and time for it!

6. The Correct Way To Dust Your Ceiling Fan


When cleaning your ceiling fan, you can get dust everywhere. Instead of spreading the dust, you can wrap an old t-shirt around the blade and contain the dust while also getting a squeaky clean blade!

7. How To Clean Your Faucet Aerator


I bet you didn’t even know what a faucet aerator was till now. Well, after watching this, you might be worried about all the horrific things that could be hiding in the aerator. Just make sure to go in with your pliers so you can get the aerator off.

8. Deep Clean Your Hairbrush


We’ve all struggled to get that bit of gunk off our hairbrush. But we’ve never thought of giving our hairbrush a deep clean. By soaking your hairbrush in some shampoo and vinegar, you can finally get rid of the gunk that adds to your hair oils!

9. You Have To Clean Your Dishwasher


Your dishwasher cleans your dishes, but it doesn’t clean itself! That’s right, you have to get in there to clean your dishwasher, and if you want it squeaky clean, you can throw in some baking soda and vinegar!

10. Restoring Your White Shoes To Their Glory


Sometimes your favorite pair goes through the most, and instead of chucking them out, you want them to look white and bright again! Fortunately, you can scrub them with some all-purposecleaner to get them white again!

I bet you’re adding these hacks to your cleaning list because it’s a bunch of hacks we definitely needed!

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