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10 Creative 'Never Have I Ever' Questions To Try At The Next Games Night


April 28, 2021

‘Never Have I Ever’ is an exciting classic game to play with a group of friends. Unfortunately, it is so fun that many of us find ourselves running out of questions for the game since we play it so often. 

No games night is complete without a round of ‘Never Have I Ever’, especially if you’re trying to spice things up. The best part about this game is that you get to know the players better through the questions. 

A fantastic game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ needs a unique selection of questions to make it exciting. Read more to discover ten ‘Never Have I Ever’ questions that you can try out at the following games night gathering. 

Unknown Date

Getting your friends to open up about their love lives may be challenging at times, but you can sneak it in. Use the question ‘never have I have been on a blind date’ the next time it’s your turn to speak up.

Ice-Cream Dreams

Are you feeling a bit guilty for finishing a carton of ice cream in one sitting? Find out how relatable that scenario is by asking your friends if they have ever finished a carton of ice cream alone during a round.

Cherry Chapstick

Many people have had light-hearted flirtatious moments with their girlfriends but don’t kiss and tell. Find out which of your friends have experienced this by asking if they’ve ever kissed their best friend. 

Passing Gas

Farting in front of your partner or crush can be embarrassing, but if you’ve been there before, you aren’t alone. Ask your friends if they have ever farted in front of a significant other to have a good chuckle at yourselves. 

Pending Bill

We all get up to some mischievous activities once in a while, and some of them are more daring than others. Figure out which one of your friends has an unpaid bill by asking if they’ve ever dined and dashed. 

Teacher’s Pet

Have you ever noticed that one of your friends paid way too much attention in a particular class? Find out whether they have a crush on the teacher by asking the players if they’ve ever had a crush on a teacher.

Bragging Rights

Bumping into a famous person may happen more often than one thinks; some people just never mention it. Identify your friends with brag-worthy stories by asking the collective if they have ever met a celebrity. 

Big Little Lies

We all say things we don’t mean sometimes, but it’s always good to let the truth out. Ask the players if they have ever told someone ‘I love you’ without meaning it to lift off weight on someone’s shoulders. 


Exotic Dancing 

You’d be surprised to learn how many of your friends have given someone a lap dance before. Just make the scenario you are next ‘Never Have I Ever’ question to uncover the sexy truth about the people in your circle.

Swipe Right

Have you ever bumped into your friend’s Tinder profile, but they have never mentioned it before? Hash things out by asking the group whether they have used a dating app to see whether you were mistaken or not.