10 Designers Making Sustainable Fashion Sexy

May 23, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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The limits of the textile sector are then juxtaposed with enormous creative potential. No more cliché of the eco-lover completely disconnected from fashion; concrete alternatives exist and do not skimp on style.


Sustainable fashion is one of the most recurring themes, especially during the lockdown period due to the health emergency for Coronavirus. Even the big brands consider the possibility of an evolution of philosophy.

Environmental, cultural, or social change? It doesn't matter. However, the new generation of designers focuses on respecting the planet to better safeguard it from pollution sources.

1. Sandra Sandor


The founder of the Nanushka brand believes that if a garment is designed to work well, it will, by definition, also be beautiful. Sandra creates a minimal chic wardrobe for him and her, engaging in sustainable practices and using ethical materials like vegan leather.

2. Stella McCartney


For twenty years, Stella McCartney's creations have embodied ethical values ​​of a sustainable and responsible fashion towards the Earth's resources. Today it is also one of the best known ethical and cruelty-free fashion brands on the international scene.

3. Vivienne Westwood


Besides, have you ever thought that there could be a collection of bags and fashion accessories made with electric cables, scrap aluminum, old billboards, and safari tents? Yet, the British designer, Vivienne Westwood, used these and other recycled materials for one of her capsule collections.

4. Eileen Fisher


Eileen Fisher is an American ethical fashion brand that bears its founder's name, which caters its clothing exclusively to the female population.

The life of this brand is certainly not young. However, the designer and the whole team have improved their creation and processing techniques to offer eco-compatible clothing on the market.

5. John Patrick


For over a decade, John Patrick's Organic has also tamed timeless pieces that have ecological origins. Ignoring the industry's elusive trends, Patrick also focuses on chic foundations made of organic materials and produced with fair labor practices.

6. Kelly Slater


Kelly's brand, Outerknown, has pioneered many new ideas as they raise the standard for sustainable design in the industry and beyond. Also, they look at their sustainability commitment like the North Star. Besides, with every decision, the brand chooses the most responsible path.

7. Rag & Bone


Denim is the undisputed protagonist, built in the minor details, with few variations both in the models and in the washes, which, ahead of the times, are already designed to have a low impact on the environment.

Today the brand has a sustainability-oriented policy, with a special section for the recycling of clothes. Casual and classic are also updated and never out of trends, without frills, as if they had come out of the script of one of the films they feed on.

8. Maggie Marilyn


The brand works on making its garments and fabrics more circular, relying less on the production of new raw materials. They also work with their textile factories to understand how to transform old clothes or excess fabrics into new materials.

9. Steph Gabriel


Ocean Zen was born in Australia in 2014 from an idea by environmental scientist Stephanie Gabriel, who has traveled the world for studio projects related to the sea and then decided to launch her swimwear brand.

10. Mara Hoffman


Founded in 2000, this brand also promotes ethical and sustainable consumption habits. They also create space for open conversations about clothing manufacturing practices.

Also, Mara Hoffman was the first to receive Unifi's 'Leading the Change' award. The honor recognized her ongoing work in the sustainable fashion space, where she has been a leader in recent years.