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10 Easy Ways To Create & Stick To A Morning Routine


October 12, 2020

Finding the motivation to get your day started every morning can be extremely challenging. Even more so during this time of a global pandemic, slight civil unrest and general uncertainty. 

Consistency is a crucial element of feeling happy and secure in your everyday existence. Many psychologists stress the importance of adopting healthy habits to improve your quality of life. 

We all start our day in the morning, but not everyone finds it easy to stick to a set routine. Here are a few tips that can help you create and settle into a solid morning routine to smooth transition into your day.

Two Minute Breathing Exercises 

Many advice columns suggest early morning meditation to increase energy and a sense of stability. Although this is useful guidance, it is unlikely that people will have time to really meditate every single morning. 

You can try doing easy two-minute breathing exercises as soon as you wake up instead. This way, you have some time to free your mind without running behind schedule.

Listen To Your Favorite Playlist 

Music can affect your mood for an entire day. Stimulate your mind with your favorite feel-good tracks every morning for a little bit of motivation. 

Seven Minutes In Heaven 

This tip is nothing like the chaotic pre-teen social game. The seven-minute routine suggests that you take seven minutes of your time to set yourself up for a joyous day ahead. 

Allow yourself to think, plan, doodle, listen to music, or just relax, and before you start your day. This short period of personal time will affect your mindset positively. 

Take a Shower

Some people prefer to clean up at night instead of in the morning. This preference may do you a disservice since showers have a way of forcing you to wake up and get active. 

Try to take a shower every morning to shock your system into getting things going for the day. A quick cold one may be an excellent touch for those who already take morning showers.

Invest In Some Festive Coffee Mugs

The smallest things can brighten up your day, and sometimes that comes in the form of a coffee mug. If your cup of warm brew can make you giggle or smile in the morning, then your day is set up for success. 

Treat Yourself To More Time In Bed

Most people struggle to get out of bed each morning, so why not delay that step for a little longer? If you can, give yourself an extra ten minutes in bed and read your emails or work messages from there. 

Make Something

Whether it’s a drawing, finishing off a puzzle, or solving a Rubik’s cube, do something to engage your mind. Many of us are quick to grab our phones first thing in the morning, which doesn’t do much for our brains. 

Creating something when you get up is a better solution for getting your brain juices going. This does not have to be something that will take a lot of time, even making a few flapjacks will do. 

Plan Everything Out Step By Step

Sometimes we are aren’t aware of how long some of our tasks take in the morning. Planning your morning schedule out step by step may help you reach a realistic schedule goal and allow you more time. 

Planning also may show you where you can do some things later in the day or the night before. Write all of your tasks down on a piece of paper and start changing things around to your preference. 

Break A Sweat For 10 Minutes


Exercise is always a great way to boost your endorphins and get your blood pumping. This 10-minute exercise tip does not require any extreme workout routines, just something to get your body moving. 

For example, you can do some light morning yoga, do a couple of push-ups or take a short walk. This tip has also proven to help increase your mental processing speed.

Keep The Blinds Open

Sunlight makes the transition into the morning a lot easier for your natural body clock. Natural light also helps you wake up much more comfortable, and without an alarm. 

If possible, you should leave your blinds open or slightly open so that you can get light in the morning.