Lazy Girl Hacks: The Secrets To Getting Fit Without Compromising Your Chill Time

Gaining fitness is a long journey, and some of us would rather skip right to the destination. Many other things are worth spending time on in life, so efficient exercise is ideal.

Exercise is essential, but sometimes it takes too much time from our busy Netflix schedules. It isn’t ideal that we ignore the need to keep fit and healthy, so there has to be a sound compromise. 

There are lazy girl hacks for just about anything these days, and thankfully exercise is one of them. Take a scroll through our top lazy girl fitness secrets that will save you time for your couch related tasks.

Stick To Sets Of Ten

Doing some strengthening movement is better than nothing. Doing ten exercise reps each day is an excellent way to make sure you get a little bit of training in your schedule. 

Arrange a few minutes in your day to do ten push-ups and ten sit-ups, even if they aren’t consecutive. This way, you can work on your strength at your own time and pace.

Get Up From Your Seat Every Hour

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Most people are seated all day at work desks and office chairs, extremely bad for health. An easy way to make sure that you stay active while at work or chilling at home is to stand every hour. 

Set an hourly alarm on your phone to prompt you to get up and do something every hour. Make yourself a cup of tea, greet a colleague, or take a trip to the loo at that time. 

Take Daily 20 Minute Walks

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Walks are a fantastic way to get fresh air and keep bodies moving, even in the colder seasons. We have been walking for as long as we can remember, so there isn’t much physical exertion involved in this. 

Take a stroll with your loved one and feel the difference in your health and happiness within one month. 

Youtube Couch Workouts

You don’t have to leave your couch to get fit these days with the number of home workouts available. Your living room may be the best gym in town if you are willing to try something new. 

Get Tabata Timer App

If you are looking for super quick, high-intensity workouts for weight loss, then this app is for you. This app guides you for 20-second repetitions with 10-second intervals for an intense training session. 

This form of training can improve metabolism and a raised heart rate to show for your work. The results of these short, high-intensity exercises are extraordinary when done consistently. 

Power Down Your Devices

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Sleep deprivation is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle and can affect wellness and fitness results. There are many ways to ensure that you get enough sleep, and switching off electronics is one of them. 

Make sure to turn off your smartphone and other devices at least an hour before bedtime. This practice will help your body shut down as well and get more quality sleep. 

Don’t Stretch Out Your Workout Time

Some of us may feel bad for being in the gym for twenty to thirty minutes while others go for hours. The quality of your workout is not affected by the time you spend on it. 

What matters is that you are making an effort to move your body, so keep moving for as long as you can. 

Pick One Song To Run To

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Music makes everything feel better, even cardio. You can compromise your distaste for running by adding your favorite song as a pacifier and a timer for your exercise.

This tip also works great if you would prefer to run on the spot in the comfort of your own home or yard. 

Put In The Work After Hours

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Having sex is an excellent form of cardio that can be effective as a high-intensity workout. The calorie-burning activity can be a lot more fun than a boring old jog, so why not put in the work in the sheets?

Exercise During Ad Breaks

Combine TV time with exercise time by adding short workouts during the ad breaks. Most of us grab snacks while commercials run, but a couple of lunges and burpees are much more effective. 

This tip is great because you will have very long cooldown breaks in-between and barely feel the work. Check out our article on Instagram fitness pages to get workout inspiration.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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