10 Easy Ways To Refresh The Design Of Your Bedroom

We all would like a space that shows our personality. When designing our homes, often we do not put as much effort and love in our bedrooms.

Designing a home doesn’t have to be expensive. And in this social media age, many interior design gurus show us how to spruce up a room without spending much time and money. You can change the way your furniture sits or change the bedding. Below are ten easy ways you can use to refresh the design of your bedroom.

1. Consider Furniture Placement

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It may seem like a simple design hack, but moving your bed around from where it was before, may create space in your room. Moving furniture is a good gamble. You can always move it back if you do not like it after.

Consider the size and shape of your room, and where your window is before moving the furniture. You can draw the layout you want on a piece of paper and use that as inspiration.

2. Add Storage To Keep It Tidy

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The side chair should not be the storage for your clean or your somewhere-in between laundry. Putting clothes away and neatly will spruce up your bedroom and create a tidy room.

Storage options include an additional chest of drawers, shelves under your bed, and a bench at the front of your bed with storage for your bedding. For small rooms, this is the way to refresh your space and make it livable.

3. Declutter

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Before adding any other accessories to your bedroom, looking around and letting go of other stuff can bring a massive difference in the room. Remove everything from the room, go through each one, and choose what you need and you do not.

Baskets are a great way to store kid’s toys or magazines. You can go through your closet and find clothes that can be donated, and for the book lover, consider a bookcase. In this case, think that less is more.

4. Soft Lighting

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From a glamorous chandelier to a simple lamp, changing lighting can be money intensive or not. Low lighting always makes the room feel cozy at the end of the day.

Placing lampshades in a different height, placing a lamp in a dark corner, or adding a chandelier to your ceiling light all liven up the place. Consider what you love and work on that.

5. Adding Accessories

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There are many attractive options for accessories to choose from. You can add flowers, candles, scents, art, and plants. Think about what will make you smile or what keeps you calm at the end of the day.

Wall hangings, such as pictures or art that you love, can spruce up an empty wall. Consider a statement art piece that goes on top of your headboard or a few images that tell a story.

6. Add A Soft Rug

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Besides keeping your feet warm when your feet hit the floor in the morning, a soft rug can be a statement piece in your bedroom. Consider a large carpet that partially goes under the bed because it makes a small room look bigger.

Rugs are versatile, and most of them feature designs with different aesthetics. A rug is a piece that can show your personality and add flavor.

7. Create A Cozy Corner

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A cozy corner can be a place where you read your book with a cup of coffee or reply to some emails, now that we are all working from home. It doesn’t have to be expensive or overbearing.

A few floor cushions, a bench near the window for a reading nook, or a beanbag can make a corner look and feel cozy. Throw in a soft throw blanket for the cold days.

8. Add A Statement Mirror

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A giant mirror will make your room seem larger and brighten up your space. It is an easy way to make your room feel fresh again. Mirrors can be placed opposite a window to bring in more light in the room.

From round mirrors to vintage mirrors, there’s always something to choose. You can also spruce up your current mirror by spray painting it a fresh.

9. A Change of Bedding

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We all want to look forward to a soft, cozy bed to hop into at night. Linen bedding feels gentle on your skin. It gets better with age and hangs beautifully.

The bed is also the focal point of your bedroom, so don’t be afraid to choose some bold colored bedding to go on it, especially if you live in a rental and cannot re-paint.

10. Always Make Your Bed.

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The fastest way to make your bedroom look fresh is to make your bed. It ties everything together as the focal point in the room. And you need space to place your outfit while dressing too.

After all, making your bed every morning is associated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and more vital skills at sticking to a budget.

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