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10 Epic Ideas Worth Adding To Your Ultimate Bucket List


June 10, 2021

Life is too short and unpredictable, which is why we should try to make every moment count. The pandemic may have slowed down our plans, but that doesn’t mean we can’t curate the ultimate bucket list in the meantime. 

We all have dreams and aspirations and a list of things we’d very much like to do while we’re still alive and kicking. And that’s where a bucket list comes into play - a collection of everything and anything you’d like to accomplish in this lifetime. 

Whether you’ve created bucket lists before or are merely getting started with your first one ever, we’re here to help. Stick around to find the most epic ideas ever to collate an amazing bucket list! Get your notepads ready, and let the planning begin! 

Watching The Northern Lights 

Imagine seeing the night sky full of dancing green and blue and purple lights? Also known as aurora or polar lights, this magical view can be experienced in high latitude places, including Iceland, Norway, and Greenland. 

Experience A Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Hot air balloon rides are best experienced at sunrise and even sunset, offering the most enchanting landscape view from above. You can enjoy one for yourself in places like Cappadocia, Turkey, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Luxor, Egypt.   

Attend A Floating Lantern Festival 

While I’ve never attended a traditional floating lantern festival, I experienced the likes of it during college, and it was phenomenal. It’s still on my bucket list to let go of a floating lantern at a full-fledged, official festival. 

And just in case you’re wondering, you can attend one in Thailand and even in the U.S. Let’s keep wishing!  

Making It To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower 

Relish in the feel-good vibes in the City of Love by exploring the Eiffel Tower. If you’re both an adventurous person and a romantic, it would be thrilling to make it all the way to the tower’s top. 

Take A Picture Daily For A Year Or More 

Even when we think everything around us is the same, we’re neglecting subtle changes that occur every single second. Try to capture the world’s glorious beauty every day for at least a year, and appreciate the imagery pattern to fall in love with nature’s marvels. 

Make A Wish At Italy’s Trevi Fountain 

You don’t have to be a staunch believer for this one. Just take a coin, throw it in the fountain with your eyes closed, and wish for something with all of your heart. Feel the calm and serenity take over you, and open your eyes to be mesmerized by the view. 

Learn A Language 

It’s never too late to learn, and we’re never too old to expand our knowledge. If you’re fond of learning, traveling, or both, trying your hands at a new language will not only look good on your CV but also help you explore another country’s culture, traditions, and so much more! 

See The Sunset In Santorini, Greece 

Greece is a mesmerizing place, filled with beauty, splendor, and incessant dreamy vibes. And the island of Santorini is the most popular tourist spot in the country, where enchanting views like the sunset and sunrise are worth watching. 


Watch A Meteor Shower 

There’s something about the night sky that really gets to me. As a true nyctophile, selenophile and astrophile, I’m forever in awe of the magnificent beauty of the stars and other celestial bodies. And experiencing a live meteor shower is something I’d never want to miss! 

Travel To A New Place Each Year 

While it may not sound feasible enough, we can still wish to travel to all the places we’ve never seen before. The world has so much to offer, and the only way we can explore its beauty is by visiting new places as often as we can.