10 Essential Pants That Complete Every Closet

Nov 26, 2020
09:26 A.M.
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There's a different pair of pants for different occasions. Here are ten pairs of pants you need to have you covered for anything.


It's safe to say that we've come a long way since Elizabeth Smith Miller who is often credited as the first modern woman to wear pants. Now, the thought of not having a pair of pants in the wardrobe seems nearly unfathomable.

Even if you're not necessarily a "pants" person, having a few essential styles in your closet will ensure that you're covered for whatever: whether it's work, a dressy event, or just hanging around— whatever you might have coming up.

Track Pants


These track pants are perfect for when you're on the move or just want to be comfy all day long. Plus, they're so much more stylish than baggy sweatpants.

The Wide-Leg Pants


We are slap bang in yet another iteration of the anti-skinny trend. Palazzo pants or even bell-bottom jeans are, yet again, a must-have.

Black Pants


As leggings, skinny pants, faux leather, jeans, whatever the design, a pair of black pants is a must. Black pants are accessible at just about every price point in various stores. The color black in a fashion never goes out of style; it can be slimming, and it can be the canvas to let you experiment with other colors and accessories.

Bold Color Pants


Bold colored pants not only make a statement, but they can make a confident and vibey exclamation. If you’re usually wearing dark or neutral colors, switch things up with a fun loud green or bright pink.

Fancy Pants


No one likes being caught off guard, and for some reason, formal events just love to creep up on a person on the sly. If you don’t usually wear fancy pants, it might be useful to keep a pair in the closet. You never know when they’ll come in handy.

The Vintage-Style Jeans


A little something inspired by the 90s or even the 80s can make for a chic addition to an outfit. There’s a reason these designs keep making a comeback.

Boyfriend Jeans


These jeans became trendy again a few years ago and are maintaining their relevance as must-haves in any wardrobe. Boyfriend jeans are cute, comfy, and one hundred percent stylish.

The Utility Pants


Utility pants are not only stylish right now; their multiple pockets make them functional too. They’ve also become more versatile, and you may even want to pair them with heels or stay at the forefront of trends with a pair of satin cargo pants.

White Pants


Elevate your outfit with a pair of crisp white trousers. They are an elegant statement and can make a basic outfit look smart.

The Athletic Leggings


You always want to ensure that you have a good pair of leggings. Gym-bunny or couch warmer, a pair of leggings are comfortable, and something about them makes you feel like you’re getting things done.

The Leather Pants

Yes, leather Pants are cool again, and if you didn’t know, you finally made it out of that rock today. They may have been a bit of a pariah a few years ago, but a well-fitting pair of leather or faux leather pants are completely on-trend and worth having in your wardrobe.