10 Eyeliner Mistakes To Avoid

Basic, cat’s eye, feline, cartoon, or even pin-up: there are various ways to make eyeliner, depending on each style. This “must-have” makeup is ideal for those who appreciate changes in looks without necessarily changing the product.

However, it’s not always easy to achieve the ideal eyeliner line. When you do not handle your cosmetics with care and skill, it is straightforward to make mistakes that can ruin your entire beauty.

One of the most popular and challenging to use makeup products is eyeliner. Often too thick, asymmetrical, or slightly falling, the liner line can quickly fill the eye.

1. Stretching Your Eyelid

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First, a prevalent mistake when it comes to eyeliner: stretching your eyelid by making your eyeliner line. By adopting this habit, we tend to think that our eyeliner line will be sharper, which is not always the case. As a result, the finish of the stroke won’t be that neat, and that’s not the result you want.

2. Curling Your Lashes After

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If you are used to this method, you know that this technique is a disaster! If you have just applied your eyeliner, chances are it is wet. Therefore, curling your eyelashes right after is a bad idea since it could make your eyeliner smudge. Instead, wait for it to get dried first.

3. After Mascara

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Applying it after your mascara could damage your mascara application if your eyelashes are not dry. Also, it will be more difficult for you to draw your eyeliner line with previously worked lashes.

4. Keeping Your Eyes Closed

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It always seems easier to achieve your eyeliner with your eyes closed, but this habit makes it very difficult for you in reality. It is, therefore, preferable to make your eyeliner line with your eyes open. This makes it easier to compare both lines.

5. Using Black

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The symbolic color of eyeliner is black! However, this shade doesn’t go well with every eye, every look, and every occasion. Without even realizing it, you’ll end up giving yourself a dull, lifeless look. This is because you have no idea of ​​the drastic transformations that makeup can make on a person.

6. Not Prepping Your Eyelids

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Eyeshadow base or loose powder, it doesn’t matter. What is needed is to mattify the mobile eyelid to allow the pigments of the eyeliner, whether it is liquid or creamy, to adhere to the maximum.

7. Try To Make The Line Once

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How many people hit a strike the first time? No rush. A perfect line of eyeliner can be drawn in two, three, or even ten times if necessary. The right gesture: start by drawing a fine line on the root of the eyelashes, then draw the length you want and finally harmonize the whole by connecting the two to create a beautiful curvature.

8. Train!

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Admit it; it’s not just before the evening of your life that you will succeed perfectly and symmetrically with your cat-eye. As with everything, you have to train. The ideal time: the evening just before removing your makeup, without pressure or challenge.

9. Using An Old Liner

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As a result of constant research and development by cosmetic brands, the new eyeliners have increasingly easy to apply textures with fine brushes or markers designed to help you achieve the perfect line. So throw away the old one and treat yourself to one of these little tech bombs; it’ll make your job easier.

10. Up And Down

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Put your eyeliner, either above or below your eyes, but not both at the same time. If you decide to put a thick black line on the mobile eyelid, stay very soft at the level of the lower lash line.

On the other hand, you can ideally take a white or flesh-colored pencil and apply it to the mucous membrane. It will allow you to enlarge your gaze and make it stand out.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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