10 Family Friendly Games To Play This Christmas

Christmas is great for bringing people together, but it can be challenging to keep everyone entertained. Bonding may be incredibly challenging after you’ve spent months apart from each other. 

For many families, Christmas is a huge event that needs plenty of planning. Some people are perfectly okay with going with the flow, while others require a handful of activities to keep everyone happy. 

Fortunately, Christmas is an excellent opportunity for connecting with family, no matter what holiday style they prefer. Take a look at these ten fun games to get every family member involved on this jolly day. 

Christmas Movie Bingo

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Add a fun twist to your regular Hallmark Christmas movie marathon by incorporating a game of bingo. All you need to do is print a couple of templates online, get popcorn and markers ready, and indulge in a film. 

Guess The Smell Christmas Edition

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This blindfolded guessing game can quickly get a fun Christmas themed twist with a few jars and objects. Put pine cones, peppermints, gingerbread, and more in some containers for everyone to guess the smell. 

Reindeer Ring Toss

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Get the family active after your big Christmas lunch with a game of ring toss. Try to find a large pair of antlers and rings to throw at a department store beforehand, and you’ll be good to go in minutes. 

Christmas Song Pictionary 

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Everybody loves a good game of Pictionary, so why not customize it to the Christmas theme? Ensure you get enough song suggestions from the entire family, so your team isn’t accused of unfair advantage. 

Gingerbread House Competition

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This game is perfect for parents who need to keep children occupied while they clean up dishes, Set up a gingerbread craft table for the kids to build their fantastic houses, and offer a small gift as a prize afterward. 

Christmas Ornament Piñatas 

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

This active Christmas game doesn’t need any athletic ability, so it’s great for everyone. Kids and adults can have fun beating up ornaments after Christmas lunch. You can count the contents as dessert for a bonus. 

Marshmallow Toss

Photo by Marianela O.M on Unsplash

Marshmallow toss is a family-friendly beer pong variant that features hot cocoa and…you guessed it, marshmallows. Older family members can reminisce on their college days while including the youngsters. 

Ornament Guess

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

If you’re having a large Christmas party, you may not be able to get everyone super active. Instead, get guests to guess how many ornaments are on your tree and offer a prize for the winner when the night ends. 

Christmas Tree Ball Sort

Photo by Christine Tutunjian on Unsplash

Keep your restless toddlers busy during your Christmas dinner with a game of ball sort. Customize the color matching game to make it Christmas themed by creating a Christmas tree puzzle. 

Candy Cane Hunt

Photo by Deidre Schlabs on Unsplash

Give the classic easter egg hunt a Christmas twist with candy canes this holiday season. Children and adults will find pleasure in searching for and collecting the most amount of sweet treats.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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