10 Fashion Tips To Look Chic Every Day

Apr 06, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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The dream of every woman is always to look stylish and fashionable no matter her budget. In fact, it is often said that class and taste are innate qualities, and this is partly true.


But beyond the personal virtues, there are golden rules in fashion. Knowing these rules, applying them while infusing a touch of your personality will guarantee that you are always chic.

Remember, how you look is as important as ever as you may never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression.

1. Dress According To The Occasion


The number one rule, the one you should think about whenever you are undecided in front of your closet. For every outing, there is a corresponding outfit.

In fact, one of the worst mistakes you can make is not taking into account the occasion. If you are attending a wedding, you can't show up in a too-casual outfit.

2. Mix A Maximum Of Three Colors


It may seem trivial, but combining too many colors in one look will make you look like a clown. This does not mean that you cannot experiment but do it with care.

The three-color rule is one of the rules that you can workaround. Do not forget to insert at least one essential shade to support the others in the play of colors without contaminating the whole. And if two out of three shades are neutral, then the third shade must be bright.

3. Choose Basic Colors


Speaking of color-mixes, the "rule of three" does not mean that you are obliged to use three colors all together necessarily! In fact, the charm of a solid color outfit is timeless.

If you decide to choose a single shade, make sure it is an essential shade, not too strong. When in doubt, focus on an all-white or a timeless all-black look that will give you the guarantee of being perfect.

4. Indulge Your Silhouette


To know and accept your body is the first vital step to enhance your strengths. There is nothing that ruins an outfit like a wrong fitting. Wearing clothes with cuts that do not go well with your silhouette will undoubtedly take away the whole look's charm.

Irrespective of your body type, always remember that there are clothes made especially for you. Follow your silhouette once you have found the suitable garments you will no longer be able to do without them.

5. Dress Your Age


To dress well, it is not only essential to know your body type, but it is also essential to know how to deal with aging. Each age has its style and must be respected. It is not only a question of physique but also and above all of good taste.

Style and personality must always prevail over the trends of the moment. As you grow older, ban everything that is too extreme, sexy, or aggressive from your wardrobe in favor of iconic and transversal garments.

6. The Must-Haves


Some items are universally recognized as must-haves of the female wardrobe. They are iconic pieces that do not suffer from trends and act as Passepartout on various occasions. For example, a tailored blazer or a black dress.

Insert these pieces in your wardrobe and mix them with the moment trends: the result is guaranteed. Also, add evergreen pieces to your wardrobe. A trouser suit, for example, will make you flawless on more than one occasion.

7. Invest In Good Lingerie


Even your intimate want to feel beautiful. Every woman knows that wearing lovely lingerie makes her feel more attractive and confident about herself. It plays a fundamental role.

Keep things simple, and always know how to take care of your underwear. Be sure to get ones that are skin-friendly and are the correct size. Always be bold to ask the store for help if in doubt.

8. Invest In Quality Fabrics


A genuinely chic look is all about quality. There will be the temptation to give in to fast fashion, and it is even allowed at times. But be careful, as the quality of the fabric you wear will certainly not escape a trained eye! As much as possible, focus on delicate compositions. In any case, play mix and match that also take into account the quality of the fabric.

Silk, satin, cashmere, linen, and organic cotton have enduring qualities. They hardly wear out, always give optimal fit, and guarantee an edge to every outfit. Ensure you include some of these fabrics in your wardrobe and use them as the basis for your most refined ensembles.

9. Less Is More


A classy look doesn't need too many accessories, and less is definitely more. This is undoubtedly one of the golden rules of dressing well. You should print this and frame it to remind you constantly.

Giving in to the temptation to add an accessory to your look is, in fact, very easy and much more frequent than imagined. Focus on clean lines and a few well-designed accessories: you will undoubtedly be the emblem of "chic ."

10. Don't Be A Slave To Fashion


Last but not least, following the moment's trends is only good if done with measure and common sense. The ideal is to mix fashion with your style and without forgetting your body type. Always find the right compromise between your way of being and the proposals of the catwalks.

Remember that it will only be your very personal way of interpreting trends that will make you unique in everyone's eyes. Otherwise, you will be "one of many." Therefore, before leaving the house, always check that you have worn the essential garment: your personality.