10 Foods To Eat For Better Skin

It’s no secret. By now, you know that a healthy and balanced diet is the key to a healthy body and, as a result, healthy skin. No one’s ever gotten great skin from eating processed foods high in sugars, fats, and zero fiber.

Therefore, a high-quality diet consisting of lean proteins, fiber, healthy oils, raw fruits and vegetables, and spices will create the perfect foundation for firm skin. Due to the rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients in them, expect your skin to have the best defense against free radicals.

However, as you seek to create a diet that nourishes you from the inside out, it would help if you included some superfoods in your diet. Think of superfoods as the ultimate glowy skin concoction. They aid in slowing the aging process, brightening your skin, and even fighting acne. So scroll below for ten food you can eat for better skin.


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All skin types can benefit significantly from ginger. The spice is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties located at the root of the spice. Studies also show that ginger has a super soothing effect on the skin.

Chia Seeds


Chia seeds are more than an Insta-trendy smoothie ingredient. It is one of the most potent sources of omega-3 fatty acids. How vital are omega-3 fatty acids? These tiny seeds provide the building blocks for healthy skin cell function and new collagen production. We are talking about firm, wrinkle-free skin. 


If you have acne-prone skin, consider swapping your cereal for a warm bowl of oats. Oats are lower on the glycemic scale, meaning, rather than increasing your blood sugar and causing a fast spike and crash, oatmeal will provide a gradual increase and decline. Moreover, foods higher on the glycemic index have been shown to promote inflammation and are associated with acne breakouts.


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Tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that could help heart disease. Moreover, it also is full of vitamin C. The combination of lycopene, vitamin C is a great protective measure from damage from the sun.

Fatty Fish


Fatty fish is also a great source of omega – 3 fatty acids. Examples are salmon, mackerel, and herring. Loading up on this will result in thick, supple, and moisturized skin. So if you have dry skin, fatty fish is an excellent option to add to your diet.

It is also full of vitamin E, which is one of the best antioxidants for your skin. It is the best line of defense against free radicals. Moreover, in general, fish contains zinc, which you can bet on to reduce inflammation and create new skin cells.



study involving 700 women found that a high intake of healthy fats, like avocados, was associated with bouncy, supple skin. It’s easy to see how eating enough avocados can do this to you. Due to the high content of vitamin E, avocados can protect your skin from UV damage and leave you wrinkle-free. Also, vitamin E works well with vitamin C.

Sweet Potatoes

If you loved sweet potatoes, you’re going to love them more after this nifty fact. Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, a nutrient that includes provitamin A, which, when ingested, turns into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is a natural sunblock that is music to our ears.


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Don’t frown at your greens. Broccoli is like a magic cocktail of vitamins and minerals. It contains lutein which works as beta carotene and, as such, will prevent your skin from turning dry and wrinkled. 

The florets on the hand contain sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is powerful in the face of sun damage. It neutralizes harmful free radicals and turns on more protective systems in your body. Furthermore, studies suggest sulforaphane may help maintain collagen levels.

Dark Chocolate

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As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate. A study illustrated the daily consumption of cocoa powder high in antioxidants left participants with thicker, hydrates skin. Moreover, another study showed that skin was less sensitive to sunburn. To make sure you reap the full benefits, keep the added sugar of your chocolate to a minimum and choose dark chocolate that is 70%.



Last but not least is spinach, a leafy green that packs a serious punch. They are loaded with vitamin K, which helps in the improvement of blood circulation. It also contains zinc. Therefore if you are battling with acne, you may want to eat up more spinach as zinc reduces inflammation and prevent breakouts.  

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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