10 Fun Birthday Gifts For A Best Friend

May 17, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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You love your bestie, and you probably know them really well, but do you know what to get them for their birthday? Why not gift them something as fun as you are together?


Maybe you’ve spent so much time with them having a great time it’s even confusing for you to pick something they’ll love. Or maybe you’ve already picked something they’ll love, but you want to keep them guessing!

Whether you’re trying to throw them off your scent, or you’re just looking to have a laugh on their birthday, there are loads of options! Here are ten fun gifts for your best friend!

1. A car air freshener


Not just any air freshener, one with your face on it! If your bestie needs some reminding that you’re a massive part of their life, then these are perfect for them! Get it customized with your face on it or a cute picture of you and your bestie!

2. A cat or dog mane


Live The Lion King moment repeatedly with a mane you can put on your cat or your dog! When you can’t buy a wild cat, you can order modifications on Amazon for $11,99-13,58.

3. Cat magnets


If your bestie loves cats, then they’re going to appreciate these cute cat fridge magnets. What’s better is these are just cat butt magnets, a sight they’ll be used to if they own a cat! Get it on Amazon for $14,99.

4. A toilet mug


If they love coffee or tea, why not give them a toilet mug? Who wants to drink out of a regular mug anyway? Find it on Amazon for $14,99.

5. A wine subscription


No doubt your bestie loves to drink, so why not spoil them with wines they can choose from. You can sip your wine just the way you like it, and the options are all online through their Instagram page.

6. A book


It’s not just any book, a book of the worst Tinder Nightmares! Whether they’re single or taken, a book filled with horror stories of experiences online will surely be of some use! It might be something to add to their collection or a collection they can add to!

7. Skincare subscription


If your bestie is on a journey of solving all her skin problems, you can get them a skincare subscription on Birchbox! They can try out products they like and even discover new things to try. Add a subscription for yourself while you’re at it!

8. Custom face socks


Obviously, your bestie should own a pair of socks with your face all over! And if they ever forget what you look like, they can always just look down at their toes for a refresher!

9. Weighted blanket


If your bestie needs many hugs and you’re not always there to give them one, you can always get them a weighted blanket. You can even find weighted blankets that aren’t going to overheat you in the summer!

10. Bagel kit

If your bestie loves their bagels and cream cheese, you can get these unique bagel kits so they can DIY their own bagels at home! There are many different bagels to choose from, so just pick one and gift your bestie a delicious treat!