10 Immune Strengthening Habits To Start Implementing

If you hate getting sick or just want the added protection against the coronavirus, you need to boost your immune system. It’s not only about what you eat; your habits can help strengthen your immune system.

All the immune-boosting fruits and veggies are a trend right now as many try to stay strong to avoid getting the virus. But you can’t just strengthen your immunity from just one smoothie!

It takes time to build up immunity; all good things require a significant amount of effort and time! A lot of these habits that help strengthen your immune system require much discipline, so if you’re up for the challenge, here’s how you can protect yourself.

1. Sleep

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When you try to get some extra time scrolling on social media and just feel relaxed, you might stay up late, but it’s not great for your immune system. Getting at least seven hours of sleep every night should be your goal if you want to build your immunity.

Your body releases inflammatory cells throughout the day when you’re out and about your daily life, but sleep can help you relax and give your body a break from these inflammatory cells. So focus on fixing your sleep every night if you want to avoid catching a cold.

2. Get Sunlight


Sometimes the thought of going outside is absolutely dreadful, but it’s a good way to build your immune system. Just half an hour of sunlight every day is all you need to keep your circadian rhythm in check.

Your circadian rhythm is your natural alarm clock; it helps you figure out when you need sleep in the day. Exposing your body to light in the early hours of the day can help regulate your sleep patterns and get you ready for day 1.

3. Magnesium

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Your body needs magnesium to stay healthy and uses it to perform processes throughout the body. These processes include regulating your blood sugar and pressure, and it’s also essential for keeping your bones strong!

Magnesium-rich foods include nuts, spinach, and beans. Including these foods in your diet can help you feel less fatigued and ready for the day.

4. Sleep Hygiene


Cleaning up all the things in your life that can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep is a great way to help you feel rested. You can try releasing energy by exercising regularly every day; science has shown that regular exercise is beneficial to a good night’s rest.

5. Stress Is A Silent Killer


It can be challenging to remain calm all the time, but being stressed out is like living in a constant state of fight-or-flight. Your hormones go out of sync, and cortisol hinders your immune system.

Try and find ways to cope with your stress; from exercise to talking to someone who can help, there isn’t a lack of resources to help keep your stress under control. You just have to utilize them.

6. Don’t Avoid Your Stress


Avoiding your stress just leaves your body in a state of fight-or-flight, and without an active immune system, you’re at risk of getting ill. You don’t want that, especially with the coronavirus going around!

Stay focused on the positive things but also address the things that are causing your stress. If you have trouble coping, then you can talk to someone. Sometimes verbalizing the things that bother us can help lift the weight off our shoulders.

7. Get Your Blood Pumping


Exercise isn’t a form of torture your doctor wants to inflict on you for their enjoyment. You don’t need an elaborate exercise routine either; something as simple as walking will do just fine!

Listen to your body if you’re tired because you haven’t had the best sleep, or maybe your muscles are tired from your last workout session. Pay attention, don’t do more than your body can handle.

8. Work Smarter Not Harder

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Moderate exercise is better to help strengthen your immune system than a strenuous workout session. When you exercise, your body releases inflammatory cells, helping develop the fighter cells that help you fight colds and cases of flu.

When you over-exert yourself, you’re not doing anything to strengthen your immune system; in fact, it can actually be bad for your immunity. That might be the reason you get sick even though you live a relatively healthy lifestyle.

9. Stay Moving

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Even sitting at your desk for extended periods can be bad for you. Try and keep yourself moving, so get up every odd hour.

You don’t have to do any elaborate exercises, just some light stretching. It can significantly benefit you, especially if you suffer from neck and back pain from working at a desk.

10. Don’t Get Lazy

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It’s easy to fall into a trap when you’re tired or get busy, and you can forget to exercise or go to bed on time. Use technology to your advantage, set reminders for yourself on your phone or your smartwatch.

Keeping up with your routine will help build your immune system. But don’t beat yourself up if you break your routine for a day; just be sure to make it up and keep your schedule as regular as possible!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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