10 Instagram Accounts That Made Us Giggle In 2020

Jan 07, 2021
04:50 P.M.
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If ever there was a desperate reason for some good old comedic relief, 2020 gave it to us, and then some. Luckily we had these ten Instagram accounts to provide us with a giggle.


These accounts had us going all the way down the meme rabbit hole for endless humorous moments throughout one of the strangest years yet where we certainly needed the slight comedic relief.

These are some of the Instagram accounts that gave us much-needed comedic relief throughout 2020 and still worth following in 2021.

Elsa Majimbo


Elsa Majimbo from Nairobi, Kenya, kept us all thoroughly entertained throughout 2020. Whether flaking on plans or only unmuting yourself on Zoom to share a meaningless contribution to show some participation, Elsa made fun of all the things you through but never said.



Self-proclaimed “best meme page of 2020 ten years in a row,” this page kept us laughing with its memes throughout 2020.



This account has tons of hilarious videos and memes and over fifteen million subscribers. Chances are, you've seen one of their memes pop up on your explore at some point or another.

Jordan Firstman


Vogue has dubbed Jordan Firstman ‘the funniest man on the internet’ in 2020. It’s not hard to see why. His impressions certainly got a laugh out of many last years.



Well, the name says it all, doesn’t it? The account posts funny texts from supposedly real-life exes. If you’ve had to deal with a breakup, you may find some of these posts relatable.

Celeste Barber


Actor, comedian and writer Celeste Barber is the relatable and funny ‘everywoman,’ posting pictures and videos imitating celebrities and making a very ‘Celeste’ impression of it.

Crazy Jewish Mom


Taking strict, prude, and all up in your business mom to a whole other level is this account over here, Crazy Jewish Mom.

Saint Hoax


“PoPLITICALLY INCORRECT” reads the bio for Saint Hoax. The account makes satirical commentary on pop culture and politics.



BeigeCardigan is one of those meme pages that have kept us entertained throughout last year, posting hilarious content regularly.

Marie Papillon

Marie Papillion is a comedian whose follower base is mainly French, as most of her jokes are delivered in the language. Her comedy is lighthearted and entertaining.