10 Lessons About Love We Learnt From Korean Dramas

May 23, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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Korean dramas are filled with moments that just make your heart melt and cuddle up to your partner because the story is just so adorable! The love stories are not only exciting, but they teach you valuable lessons about love!


Dating and love can be difficult; with all the challenges we face today in the dating pool, you need to be schooled somewhere. And there’s no better place for relationship advice than from soppy Korean dramas!

The lessons are pretty obvious, but sometimes you just need a bit of reminding. While you’re sitting and enjoying a drama-filled romance, you can learn a lot about love and relationships!

1. Hold on tight

From the movie I Have A Lover comes a lesson of not letting go. Sometimes going through a rough patch or having a heated argument, you just can’t let the other person walk away!


2. Communication is key

If it isn’t obvious enough, The World Of The Married spells it out for you. A little communication goes a long way and can save your marriage. All you have to do is talk to each other when problems arise!

3. Don’t cheat


Cheating on your partner affects them more than you think; it turns their emotional world upside down, leaving lasting effects. If you’re not happy with your relationship, there are other ways to go about it, and cheating is definitely not one of the ways!

4. Heal from your trauma

You need some time to mourn your past relationship. Even if you think you’re completely fine, at least acknowledge that it’s over. If you don’t, you could bring wounds from an old relationship into a new one and force your new partner to deal with it!

5. Drown your sorrows


From She Was Pretty, Hwang Jung Eum teaches you that sometimes soju can be the solution to your problems! That’s right, sometimes the liquor can help you get out the words you need to say and help you communicate with your partner in your drunken stupor!

Just be careful of alcohol becoming the only way you’re able to communicate effectively! It can quickly turn into a downward slope to addiction, so only do this in desperate times!

6. Leave your friends out of it


Sometimes your friend really doesn’t know what’s best for your relationship, remember you’re only giving them your side of the story all the time! So keep your friends out of your problems as best you can!

7. Look on the bright side

From When The Camelia Blooms, we learn that you just need to be positive. Don’t worry about everyone else, even in the face of your troubles, just try to be positive and together you’ll be able to conquer everything!

8. Revenge is never sweet


Getting caught up in the payback is just going to drive you to the edge of insanity! You don’t want to stay focused on that hurt because it can ruin your chances of finding happiness again. Let the pain go, and set yourself free!

9. Leave the kids out of it


Children aren’t pawns in your relationship. When you use them as means for revenge, they’re going to be affected by it and in the most negative way too! They don’t deserve to have their childhood torn up because their parents are going through issues!

10. You’re responsible for your own happiness

No matter what people do to make you happy, you can’t find happiness unless you want it for yourself. It’s as simple as finding the good in the bad or even being grateful for all that you have! You can find happiness if you look for it, but you’ll also find sadness when you look for it!

Korean dramas have a way of entertaining you while offering you some deeper meaning! All the more reason to watch them and learn more about life and love!