10 Morning Rituals To Ensure A Productive Day

Did you know that getting a bad start to the morning can set the stage for your entire day? That’s right. A morning ritual that feels chaotic, negative can affect your productivity for the whole day much more than a positive start.

Think back to what you did this morning. Did catching up with news fill your mind with negative thoughts? Did preparing your favorite brew delay you? All these things can still be done but in an organized manner to ensure you put your best foot forward.

A fantastic morning ritual will make you feel energized, even as we work from home. More so, with a proper routine, you, like many entrepreneurs and moguls, will help you make the most of your time without stress. Check out these ten-morning rituals for a productive day.

Wake up early

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A lot of successful people are early risers like Richard Branson, Apple CEO Tim Cook. This way, you have more time to spend with the people you love and still take some time for yourself before you are worn down by the day.

Prep Your Morning The Previous Evening

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If you have ever been late or confused during your morning prep, consider planning for it the day before. Frankly, you already know what might need to be set up, like your morning coffee or that critical call.

Consider brewing your coffee the night before of writing down what needs to get accomplished first thing. This way, your mind will be much clearer, and the rest of your day will become more productive.  

Do The Hardest Thing First

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Your energy reserves will be pulled into accomplishing different tasks throughout the day. Therefore, before these reserves are depleted, and your phone starts ringing off the handle, get to do that important thing first. 

Make sure you do so early enough, especially when it’s quiet, so you have space to think. If you finish by 10 AM, you will build momentum for accomplishing your goals for the rest of the day. Your mind will be clear. 

Write 1 Daily Intention

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Later down this list, you will find instructions on how to plan your day. Writing a daily intention, however, is not the same thing. You want to take a single moment to write down one thing you must accomplish that day.

These would best be personal goals. Think, getting a workout in or eating a healthy meal. Personal goals will make it easier to focus and will make you happier. Also, taking care of yourself means taking care of your career.

Set a Power Hour

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You may have pending emails, kids to attend to, and work to get started on. However, you might lose yourself in all this. Structure out an hour to take time to attend to yourself. This may be when the kids are asleep or before you have power on your laptop.

Use this time to get in a great exercise or learn something that may be beneficial to you. Do not look at your phone first thing or answer those emails. If so, you become reactive instead of proactive. Remember, you need to dictate your day for yourself.

Fuel Your Body

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We are busy, that’s for sure. Therefore, it is easier to fill your hunger with anything that lies around you than spend hours prepping a nutritious meal. However, food can negatively impact your mindset.

If you are looking to be more productive, a healthy mind is the first step. Being intentional about indulging in a healthy meal first thing in the morning will help you stick to good habits. Moreover, if you do not have the time, order a nutritious breakfast from a healthy food service.

Feed your mind

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It’s so easy to switch on your phone and end up in a doom scroll of endless negative news. If this is your current habit in the morning, expect a significant impact on your happiness levels—a major mood killer. 

Instead, switch to listening to an exciting audiobook or some inspiring words on YouTube. Furthermore, if you have a couple of minutes, get in a reading of a good book. You can also try meditation if it works for you. The point is to charge your mind with positive energy.

Make A Plan For The Day

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Once you have a moment to sit down, instead of jumping into work, write down a plan for your day. This way, you force your brain to focus. Moreover, it prevents you from being reactive to your day and proactive.

Write down what you wish to accomplish; thus, you will have more chances of fulfilling it. So if you have ever felt like your life is not in your hands, this is the perfect way to gain control back. A bonus is you will feel much more energized for the day ahead. 

Drink Water

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Drinking a cold cup of water will wake you right up. Think about it; you have spent long hours asleep without hydrating. A cup of water will give your muscles and organs a much-needed jolt to get them working efficiently.

Practice Gratitude

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Lastly, when we wake up, it’s easy to anticipate the stresses of the day. It’s even easier to get up and go. However, despite the rituals listed above, take a moment to be grateful for one thing in life.

This practice helps push away negative thoughts and emotions, thus placing you in a positive mindset. A study even showed that when a group of people with a neuromuscular condition kept a gratitude journal, they were 25% happier and even reported fewer physical symptoms.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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