Avon's Eve Truth. | Source: Instagram@avon_uk
Avon's Eve Truth. | Source: Instagram@avon_uk

10 Perfume Dupes That Smell Like Designer Scents & More about Them

Manuela Cardiga
Feb 22, 2023
08:45 A.M.
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Perfumes have held a special mystique for women since antiquity, and that's how long they've been some of the most expensive substances on earth, pound for pound.


There's nothing like that special scent to lift a woman's spirits and make her feel powerful, beautiful, and irresistible -- but those fabulous designer perfumes can be prohibitively costly.

For those with expensive tastes and shallow pockets, there are duplicate fragrances that mimic your favorite perfume with all its glamour for a much smaller price label. Here are ten delicious perfume dupes to enjoy.

Woman putting on perfume | Source: Getty Images

Woman putting on perfume | Source: Getty Images

That expensive bottle of incredible perfume that was a Christmas gift from a generous friend is almost empty, but the price of a replacement is cringe-worthy. Designer scents don't come cheap at prices that range from $100 to thousands of dollars for a tiny flask.

There are many affordable alternatives to expensive designer scents for those who love dabbing on a precious drop of perfume.


But that doesn't mean women have to forgo the pleasure of a great perfume. Reputable brands like Coty, Yves Rocher, Bath & Body Works, and even some celebrities have scents that are virtual duplicates of haute couture perfume brands like Marc Jacobs, Dior, and Dolce & Gabbana.


Avon Eve Truth (Dupe For Marc Jacobs' Daisy 50ml, $128)

Price: $18.20

Marc Jacobs' Daisy fragrance is a modern icon for perfumes and a go-to signature scent for many. The gorgeous floral bouquet is a must-try for spring.

For those who can't afford the hefty price label for a 50ml bottle, Avon has a perfume that smells almost identical to the fan-favorite from Marc Jacobs, Eve Truth, at a fraction of the price.


Curious by Britney Spears (Dupe For Shalimar by Guerlain, $125)

Price: $20.45

Britney Spears' Curious was a massive hit when Elizabeth Arden released it in 2004. The vanilla-infused musk has a sweet, sexy allure. Additionally, the scent includes notes of magnolia, pear, and lotus flowers.

Curious is also a doppelganger for Guerlain's iconic classic perfume Shalimar. The one thing that is not similar between the two scents is the price tag.


Madam Glamour by Suddenly (Dupe For Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle 50ml, $125)

Price: $15.96

The House of Chanel has launched some of the most incredible, innovative perfumes, starting with the original Chanel Nº5. Coco Mademoiselle was created by renowned perfumer Jacques Polge and launched in 2001.

The perfume is a harmonious symphony of orange, bergamot, and orange blossom, with Turkish rose and jasmine among the middle notes; and base notes which include patchouli, white musk, and tonka bean. Madam Glamour by Suddenly evokes the same luxurious scent for a fraction of the price.


Gingham By Bath And Body Works (Dupe For Dior's J’adore 30ml, $100)

Price: $16.50

Dior's J'Adore is a favorite among many women for its unforgettable combination of ylang-ylang, Damascus rose, and jasmine. Of course, that iconic golden flask is far from cheap.

For those who adore J'Adore but hate the price, Gingham by Bath and Body Works offers the same seductive feminine scent for a fraction of the cost of the coveted original.


Yves Rocher's Naturelle (Dupe For Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue 50ml, $92)

Price: $54.99

If you love the refreshing modern scent of Light Blue, here's some good news for you (and your purse.) Yves Rocher's Naturelle imitates Dolce &G'abbana's famous Light Blue fragrance with its burst of citrus and contrasting base of earthy, woody, and musk tones.


Sand & Sable Perfume for Women by Coty (Joy by Jean Patou, 50ml $600)

Price: $34.37

The price is always a huge factor for those who love Jean Patou's Joy since a 50ml flask will set you back a cool $600. Those who cannot afford the real deal can console themselves with Sand & Sable Perfume for Women by Coty.

Coty's Sand & Sable brings together a mature and fresh fragrance with jasmine, tuberose, and green notes over a musk base. This dupe is astonishingly close to a scent that's been considered unique since its creation in 1930.


Katy Perry's Killer Queen (Dupe For Viktor & Rolf's Flower Bomb 100 mL, $180)

Price: $35.88

Those who love Viktor & Rolf's sweet fruity floral favorite Flower Bomb but are less appreciative of the eye-watering price would do well to give singer Katy Perry's Killer Queen a try.

Killer Queen shares some of Flower Bomb's notes of patchouli and jasmine with additional touches of wild berries, dark plum, bergamot, and liquid praline for a nearly identical dupe.


Inspired by Sì (Dupe For Giorgio Armani's Sì 100 ml, $158)

Price: £26.95 (Approximately $33)

The Essence Vault specializes in creating affordable dupes for many of the top-selling designer fragrances. One of their most successful dupes is Inspired by Sì, based on Giorgio Armani's Sì perfume.

Inspired by Sì presents top notes of cassis, middle notes of rose, and base notes of vanilla and patchouli, similar to Giorgio Armani's original Sì perfume but much more budget-friendly.


NUXE's Sun Fragrant Water (Dupe For Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess, 50 ml, $72)

Price: $11.70

Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess is the perfect summer perfume, redolent of sun, sand, and moonlit tropical nights. Fun, fresh and youthful, the price is steep for the budget-conscious woman.

Fortunately, NUXE's Sun Fragrant Water provides an equally delicious and affordable alternative with notes of sweet orange, coconut, and tiare flowers over a musk base.

There are many affordable alternatives to expensive designer scents for those who love dabbing on a precious drop of perfume but can't afford to pay a fortune for the pleasure. The dupes or duplicates are not fakes. They are a substitute for designer perfume, made with quality fragrance at a fraction of the price.