10 Reasons Summer Is Not Our Favorite Season

The weather is finally changing, but summer doesn’t really live up to its glory for some. Fun in the sun isn’t as appealing as the comfort of winter for some people, and that’s completely acceptable!

While some of us welcome the heat with open arms because now that it’s hot, you can get out and do some water activities! For some people, summer is a dreaded season of discomfort and dread instead of joy!

Is summer really all it’s been hyped up to be by society? It really isn’t worth too much of the hype; here are ten reasons it’s not our favorite season!

1. Your Car Is Basically An Oven

Photo by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

Whenever you get into your car, it’s like stepping into an oven. It’s unbelievably hot, and if you’re not careful, you’ll end up scalding your arm on the shiny silver buckle of your seatbelt!

And if you’re without a cooling system, your house is just as bad because everything that can melt will! And cleanup is just going to make you angry!

2. Chafing

Photo by Cliff Booth from Pexels

Summer is all about shorts and sundresses to keep you nice and cool in. But anyone with thicker thighs knows that any time your thighs rub together in the heat, you’ll be in endless discomfort. You might even need to walk around like a penguin!

3. Ugh, Bugs!


Summer brings out the most annoying pests, and no matter how much you try to avoid them, they find you! Mosquitoes are the worst; they’ll keep you up all night and leave you with nasty red itchy bumps!

But what about the bees that try to attack you every time they spot your soda. Not to mention all the other critters that crawl out the gates of hell and come to torment you in your home!

4. Your Garden Might Not Survive

Photo by KEHN HERMANO from Pexels

The sun beats down so harshly that nature struggles to survive! Everything gets so dehydrated that it rather dies than fight to grow in the heat!

5. Your Makeup Doesn’t Last Long

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

You spend some time doing your makeup and looking cute just to hop in the car and feel your foundation melting off your face. All the products you use to set your makeup are no challenge for the sun.

And when you walk outside, and your hairstyle is immediately messed up by humidity. It’s enough to make a grown person never want to be outside!

6. Topless Men


We get it; it’s extremely hot. We’re all hot, but we’re all still managing to stay clothed in the grocery store. Put your shirt on; you’re making people uncomfortable.

7. That Electric Bill Is Looking Kinda High

Photo by Galvão Menacho from Pexels

It’s blistering hot outside; you can try airing out the house by leaving the windows open. But all that does is bring in bugs and hot air!

You need the fan on 24/7, and if you’re balling, you’ll be blasting your AC! And when every person in the house uses a fan, you’re going to end up forking out quite a bit for the electric bill!

8. Body Hair Maintenance

Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

It’s not mandatory, but if you’re someone that shaves or waxes your body hair, summer is a literal nightmare! Shaving every part of your body just to stay cool in shorts or a dress is annoying.

All the shaving is tiring, and when the hair grows back, you need to worry about ingrown hairs! It’s just too much maintenance so that you can stay cool throughout the day!

9. Constantly Being Drenched In Sweat

Photo by Fabio Pelegrino from Pexels

Sweat stains are the worst! And if you sweat profusely, it’s just embarrassing! You can’t go anywhere without feeling hot and sticky all the time!

And if you’re in shorts and happen to sit down, your skin’s going to get stuck to the chairs. There is no pain worse than standing up and feeling your skin rip from the leather seats!

10. Sunburn


The sun will find you, and it won’t be pretty! It’s amazing being outside trying to stay cool but being exposed to the sun will leave your skin tender!

Yeah, it’s a break from the cold. But at least in the cold, you had some semblance of comfort!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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