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15 Fun Activities To Pick Up This Summer


June 06, 2021

We are nearing the season of lingering in the sun a little longer. There's nothing better than lying back in the park, porch, or your backyard and staying lazy as you rest from the activities that keep your body and mind warm.

Having summer activities planned out instead of glaring at the screen is a more fulfilling pastime. This is especially true for those who work from home and are looking for something to get them out of their desks and into warmer weather. 

Unsure of where to start? Use this checklist to guide you on exciting activities you'd want to partake in either in your backyard or while safely enjoying the outdoors. Scroll below for fifteen activities to try out this summer. 

Update Old Furniture

It's time to give furniture sitting around your house some much-needed TLC. From the table that needs repainting or the wooden seat that needs some shine, it's time to get out your sprayers, chalk paint, and refresh.

Make An Outdoor Kitchen

Make Gordon Ramsey proud and move your kitchen outside. With the weather getting warmer, consider putting away your trusty grill to rest and use portable kitchen gadgets. Trust us. Outdoor cooking will never be more fun than this.

Try Your Hand At Clay Pottery

It's time to put your artistic skills to the test and make beautiful pottery. However, ensure polymer-based clays with air drying mixtures are left outdoors to dry. From vases to vases, the world will be at your fingertips literally.

Have An Outdoor Movie Night

Your nights are about to get interesting. It's time to put your backyard to good use by having an outdoor movie night. All you need is some blankets, popcorn, and a fantastic film while enjoying the summer breeze.

Refresh Old Fabric

Give your home an upgrade using old fabrics, curtains, or napkins lying around the house. Try your hand at tie and dye or the classic shibori to give them an instant facelift. Besides, it's super simple to begin as all you'll need is buckets and a clothing line. 

Have Alfresco Style Dinner

Watch the sun go down as you have dinner by setting up outdoors. But before you start feeling stressed as to where to start, all you need is to grab your chairs, table and set them up underneath a shady tree.

Go On A Canoe

If you haven't gone on a canoe during summer, you're truly missing out. You will truly enjoy your time in the water while getting all the summer camp vibes you need. After all, there is no other perfect way to spend the afternoon. 

Begin A Collection

Whether paintings or drawings, take the summer to start a new collection. Whatever your interest may be, the slow summer days are an excuse also to stay indoors. Therefore, get inspiration from local stores or online shops.

Make Smores

All you need is a bonfire, marshmallows and you're good to go. Enjoy sitting by the open fire with your family while making the tastiest desserts. Why not play some summer throwback songs in the process to set the mood.

Paint A Beautiful Summer Scene

How much time do you spend taking in your environment? Despite your artistic level, try your hand at painting scenic views at the most beautiful place you can find and wondering where to start? Think blue skies and seasides.

Join A Summer Reading Club

It's time to whip out your summer reads and transport your mind. You can check with your local library if they have one or start your own too. Either way, this would be a fantastic activity apart from binging on Netflix.

Start A Garden

Your food will never get fresher than this. Get a few containers, milk jugs, mason jars, plastic cups you can find in the house and start to create a garden. Try placing them by the patio or windowsill for sufficient sunlight. 


Pack A Picnic

If you're feeling cooped up in the house, why not go and experience warmer weather and good food. Whichever spot you find ideal, feel free to sit down and taking in the air at a local park or field nearby. Maybe make a charcuterie board while you're at it.

Go For A Hike

If you're into physical activity or the outdoors, go for a summer hike. After all, it would help if you had your hiking boots. Besides, it's a great social distance activity while enjoying your favorite walking playlist. 

Make Ice Cream

Since it's summer, why not make something that will cool you down in the most flavourful way possible. Therefore, grab your recipes and make some yummy summer treats or also make ice cream sandwiches while you're at it.