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10 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job


June 12, 2021

Sometimes the job just isn’t worth the money, especially when it leaves you unhappy for most of your day! And you might feel like you need to stick it out, but it’s not going to make you happy!

Sometimes the job itself is what contributes to your stress and leaves you feeling unfulfilled! And there’s nothing worse than waking up every morning dreading heading to the office!

When you’re constantly having a bad day at work, it can’t just be you! Here are ten signs it’s time to quit your job.

1. You’re Undervalued

When you know your worth, your company should be willing to offer you fair compensation for your job! But if you’re feeling that you’re not earning as much as you’re worth, especially if you’re a woman, then start seeking opportunities elsewhere!

2. You’re Encouraged To Reach The Point Of Burnout

When people are scared to take time off when they’re sick or even for a vacation it should be a huge red flag! You shouldn’t be encouraged to reach the point of burnout to keep your job!

3. You Need To Escape After Work

If you don’t notice that you’re experiencing burnout at work, then ask yourself if you constantly need to find an escape after work. Be it alcohol, video games, or even watching TV till your mind goes numb, it could be a sign that you need to quit!

4. Your Stress Is Manifesting Physically

When you’re constantly living in a state of stress, it can sometimes manifest physically and cause you pain and discomfort. When your work starts affecting your health, take the hint and leave!

5. You’re In A State Of Dread And Distress Before Your Shift

When you find yourself dreading going to work or feeling super stressed out before a shift, you should reevaluate your job. If you don’t want to be there, then why should you be there? Money is never a good enough reason. There are always better opportunities!

6. You’re Hiding Yourself

Hiding who you are takes a toll on your mental health. So if your job requires you to change who you are in order to fit in, be inspired by The Devil Wears Prada and walk away from the job!

7. There Aren’t Opportunities For Growth

When you’re at a company, there should always be room for improvement and for you to work your way up. But it’s easy to get lost on the road to the top and find yourself stuck. If you can’t grow, then you need to find another company where you can grow!

8. You Have No Work-Life Balance

If you find yourself sacrificing your personal time for the company, then it isn’t worth it! You shouldn’t have to lose out on precious moments in life just for a paycheck!

9. You’re Feeling Unfulfilled


Sometimes the work you’re doing doesn’t utilize your skills, and that can leave you unfulfilled. Your place of work should be a space where you can reach your full potential.

10. You’re Overwhelmed

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the work or find yourself stressed out more often than not, then it should be your sign to leave. Your workplace should be a space you enjoy, a place for you to grow and reach your full potential.

If quitting isn’t an option, at least line up new job opportunities at places where you’d feel better appreciated! Remember that you shouldn’t be anywhere you‘re not valued and appreciated!