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10 Signs You Are An Empath


April 16, 2021

We sympathize with others when they express any emotion; be it happy or sad, it's part of our human nature. For some people it’s more than just expressing the joy or sadness they feel; they actually absorb another person’s emotions.

Empaths display sensitivity to other people’s emotions which make them great friends! But without a barrier to protect them from constantly absorbing other people’s energies, it can get exhausting.

Sometimes being an empath can take a toll on your relationships, and you might be criticized for your sensitivity. If you feel like this is you, here are ten signs to prove you’re an empath.

1. Highly Sensitive

Sometimes silly things hurt your feelings, no matter how you try to explain it away to yourself. From taking a joke too seriously or feeling left out when your friend is busy, no matter the reason you get hurt.

It might be the reason you’re reluctant to tell others when they’ve hurt you. And if you’ve heard the words “you’re too sensitive” or “you need to toughen up!” enough times, you’ll know you’re an empath.

2. Other People’s Emotions

Your empathy is heightened, and you have a hard time not empathizing. Being sensitive doesn’t end at your emotions; it’s like you’re an emotional sponge and can absorb the feelings of those around you.

As you absorb the emotions, it translates to authentic feelings. So their experience becomes your experience, even if you don’t know what it’s like to fall in love, that happiness becomes yours!

3. You Need Alone Time

Being around people is nice, but sometimes being exposed to their energy for too long can get exhausting. When you’re constantly absorbing energy from others, you’ll need to break away and ground yourself.

You might find it better to spend time in a small crowd, or you spend less time in groups. If you have problems with the energy in crowds, you’ll take your own car so you can make an escape when you need one!

4. Intuitive

Empaths can be good at reading because they’re constantly experiencing the world through their intuition. Maybe it’s not something specific, but their energy sensors can tell when something’s amiss.

Relying on your intuition is a good way to avoid getting hurt, and it can save you from people that are going to leech off your energy. You might even find your intuition is becoming more developed.

5. Conflict Scares You

Conflict can scare you because negative emotions can make you physically ill. And arguments can put you in a state of distress because you’re absorbing another person’s anger and processing your own.

It can get confusing, and instead of dealing with it, you might find yourself avoiding it at all costs. It can also be the reason why when your feelings are hurt because you don’t address the issue.

6. Relationships

Becoming intimate can scare you because, in a relationship, you spend a lot of time with someone. The feeling of losing your identity and forgetting who you are because of all that time spent together.

7. Energy Vampires

Empaths can fall victim to narcissistic people, and constantly feeding off that negative energy can eat away at your peace of mind. These energy vampires are manipulative and lack empathy.

They can take advantage of your good nature and make you feel as if you’re unworthy of their empathy or love. These are people who love talking about themselves, love attention, and love being a victim.

8. You Feel Recharged In Nature

The city's busy life is stressful for just about anyone, but for an empath being in nature can replenish their depleted sources of energy. Spending time near water or just listening to the sounds of nature can be calming to the overstimulated empath.


9. Heightened Senses

Emotions aren’t the only things you’re sensitive towards. You can find yourself overstimulated by fragrances, sounds, physical sensations.

New fragrances can upset you or make you feel uncomfortable, and sounds like excessive talking can be highly irritating. You might even prefer reading something to listening or watching a video.

10. Boundary Issues

Empaths don’t know how to set boundaries for themselves because their impression of a boundary translates to someone not caring about them. So if someone needs help, they go the extra mile, sometimes too far.

It can be difficult being an empath, but with good self-care practices and setting and sticking to your boundaries, you can steer yourself among the overwhelming stimulations of life. It just takes practice.