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10 Signs You're In An Abusive Relationship


April 18, 2021

We imagine blows and screams when we talk about abusive relationships. However, violence can take many forms. Physical, verbal, sexual, economic, or psychological. No matter the form it takes, it can do as much damage as the fist.

It is easy to clearly define abusive relationships when we see our loved ones in them. However, when you find yourself in this kind of situation, it is much more challenging to come to the same conclusion. 

Indeed, blinded by the feelings you have for your partner, you do not see that his behavior is toxic, aggressive, or even violent. You make excuses for him, and you justify his behavior to those close to you.

1. If You Constantly Feel Worthless

If your partner constantly criticizes you, that should sound the alarm bells. No one is perfect, but in a healthy relationship, lovers have to pull each other up. 

Depreciation is not only conveyed by insults. It can also be an accumulation of constant criticism: you parked wrongly, the grocery store was too expensive, you came home from work too late, you don't want to have sex, you are not grateful enough, and more.

2. Communication Is Difficult

When you talk to your man, you feel silly, embarrassed, and awkward. This is why you never broach serious or essential subjects.

So your conversation is always superficial because you know that if you dare to bring up a sensitive subject, arguments and insults will fly.

3. You think You Are Always Wrong

If you bring up something that worries you about your relationship, he tells you that you imagine things. You feel the worst, but he keeps telling you that you have to trust him and that everything will be fine.

Well, when you listen to yourself, you always make mistakes. In short, everything is your fault, so it is better that you leave the reins to him.

4. You Are Constantly Confused

Clearly, your idea of ​​a perfect relationship has changed since you started dating your partner. Now, you are accepting behaviors that would have seemed entirely wrong before.

Your idea of ​​what is right and what is wrong is not the same, and you know it. This change leaves you in doubt. My question is, when is his behavior finally going to be toxic enough that you start to trust your instincts?

5. The Relationship Is One-Sided

You invest yourself thoroughly. You give again and again, but you never get anything back. Their birthday is significant, but yours is not. 

You must meet their wants and needs while yours are not at all a priority. In short, you have the impression that you are alone in this romantic relationship. And you know what? It's not just an impression!

6. You Are Afraid To Change Things

Some rules or patterns have come into place over time, and it seems impossible to change them now. This routine that your man has imposed is impossible to break.

Indeed, as soon as you propose an idea or an improvement concerning your relationship, he silences you, tells you that it is stupid and even threatens you!

7. You Feel Like Everyone Is Against You

You are the victim of his Machiavellian plan. When you throw a romantic evening as if by chance, one of his friends calls him to help him solve a problem.

When you argue, he tries to put your family and friends in his pocket to convince you that you are the problem. In short, he always turns the situation against you, and you feel like you are alone in the world. 

8. You Feel Excluded From His Life

Your man is stingy with compliments and even words when it comes to you. Yet he spends his time on his phone talking and laughing with girls, who are just "friends," of course.

But you can tell something is wrong. Your man has secrets, and you know it, but you dare not broach this subject. You lack courage because it has destroyed your self-esteem.


9. You Start To Feel Like You Don't Know Your Partner

You thought you knew everything about your man and his life, but you realize that's wrong. For example, you learn that he was fired from his job but didn't tell you.

Or that he went to his family for the weekend when you thought his parents were dead. It's the little things that pile up and create uncertainty. When he leaves your house, where does he go?

10. He Does Not Support Or Care About You

He does not support you! Anything that matters to you bothers him or doesn't interest him at all. So over time, you have learned to shut down your cravings or passions because you want to spend as much time as possible with him.

By the way, it also relates to empathy or compassion. Indeed, when you are sad or hurt by something, he laughs at you by saying that you are too sensitive.