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Sex & Relationships

Modern Myth: Debunking The Claim That You Need To Use A Jade Egg

The egg-shaped gems gained popularity partly due to Gwenyth Paltrow's claims, who lauded jade eggs for their benefits.

Delve Into Your Sexy Side & Discover These Unexpected Erogenous Zones

Our minds immediately think nipples, neck, and genitals when thinking of the hotspots you need to poke to turn up the heat in bed. However, there are some less common that may get things just as steamy.

10 Tips That Will Improve Your Bedroom Abilities

The major key is to build your confidence around sex. It helps a lot to know what you want in bed and what your partner likes.

10 Real Life Meet Cute Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

Meet cutes are just the perfect mixture of the right time and right person. It's that moment in the film that the couple bumps into each other, and all of a sudden, life goes in slow motion, and you're rolling your eyes thinking, "it never happens like that," Well maybe, just maybe, it does.

A Guide To Rebound Relationships

A healthy rebound relationship may be just the service you need while you're checked into heartbreak hotel.

5 Signs You Arent Ready To Be Friends With Your Ex

Strangely enough, it can almost feel like the most logical or mature way forward, but the real issue is that a breakup can bring about much uncertainty.

Sexy Not Sleazy New Years Gifts For Your Significant Other

Enter the new year with a bang. If you’re looking for something that will up the sexy this new year’s, here are some gifts that will undoubtedly keep on giving.

Exploring Sarunas J. Jackson’s Erotic Audio Series

The six foot eight Jackson is reaching new heights of sexy with his new project.

Quiz: Which Apology Style Works Best For You?

Everybody messes up every now and again. Knowing your (and your loved

Date Night: Plan A Christmas For 2

The best dates are the ones where you're engaged, and you can open up and just enjoy time spent with your romantic interest. And while the mood is a little different this festive season, you can still have a merry Christmas.

5 Sexy Bedroom Tips To Make Women On Top More Comfortable

There’s a stigma attached to not liking the ‘on-top’ position, so firstly, never feel guilty about not liking this or any other sex position at that. It’s your body, and the moment sex stops being pleasurable, it’s not worth it.

Exploring The 5 Apology Languages & How To Use Them

Apology language aside, when someone has been hurt, they want to feel heard and validated. Apology languages essentially help you understand yourself and your loved ones better, making mending inevitable relationship fractures easier.

How Eastern Perspective differs from the West

How is it that shaking hands is seen as a welcoming gesture in the Eastern societies, whereas the West prefers brushing things off with a simple “hi, hey, or hello?” Why do these societies differ so much from each other, even though the basic underlying human needs should somewhat be the same? Let’s have a look at the significant points of difference that set East and West apart.

5 Ways To Get Your Sapiosexual Partner In The Mood

The term sapiosexual refers to a person who is primarily sexually turned on by intelligence, as opposed to looks or personality. The term has gathered a bit of back and forth regarding whether or not it should be included as a sexual orientation.

Sex Talk: A Guide To Talking To Your Partner About Getting Tested

The urge to avoid this conversation is understandable. Who wants to talk about their last STI test or the time they had chlamydia two years ago?

5 Easy Tips To Help You Flirt Via Text

It is 2020, and even without the coronavirus outbreak, they’d be no running away from using a dating app.

5 Reasons Your Ex Is Hanging Out In Your Dreams

For one, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have unresolved feelings or that you want to spark the old flame. Dreaming about an ex is normal. Here are five possible reasons why your ex is popping into your dreams.

Top 5 Sites To Find Ethical Porn

Ethical porn is not without its own points of contention. Whichever way you decide to engage in porn, make sure you check the ingredients.

10 Techniques for Hands-Free Orgasms

Hands-free orgasms are just another way to explore your sexuality and your body. While you may or may not reach an orgasm, the fun is in the journey. So, come with your curiosity and feel free to wander, dear explorer.

A Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Dating A Scorpio

Scorpio men and women are famously passionate, loyal, and persistent characters and lovers.