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Sex & Relationships

Lingerie Rules: The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Perfect Set For You

From ugly bra straps to overly revealing G-strings, it takes some finesse to get it right. To make your lingerie shopping a little easier, here are five easy rules to keep in mind.

Everything You Need To Know About Couples Counseling

Couple's counseling seems daunting but it could be a saving grace for a couple who aren't seeing eye to eye. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering therapy.

Safe Porn Sites Designed Specifically for Women

Regardless of whether or not you’re a regular porn viewer, when you’re masturbating, you want something that’s going to aid your warm-up, finding a safe porn or erotica site can be very difficult to find. Here are five that are not only safe but are also designed with women in mind.

Top 5 Relationship Podcasts on Love, Sex, and Dating in 2020

Therapists are costly, but podcasts are free. These top five podcasts cover everything from common relationship problems to dating mishaps and even sex issues.