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Sex & Relationships

Top 5 Sites To Find Ethical Porn

Ethical porn is not without its own points of contention. Whichever way you decide to engage in porn, make sure you check the ingredients.

10 Techniques for Hands-Free Orgasms

Hands-free orgasms are just another way to explore your sexuality and your body. While you may or may not reach an orgasm, the fun is in the journey. So, come with your curiosity and feel free to wander, dear explorer.

A Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Dating A Scorpio

Scorpio men and women are famously passionate, loyal, and persistent characters and lovers.

Use The 5 Love Languages To Properly Spoil Your Partner

These five different ways to communicate your feelings to a loved one can affect many aspects of a relationship.

The Best Apps For Long-Distance Couples

Tons of apps have been released to make long-distance dating a little easier. Turn your spark into a bonfire, despite the distance, with some of these apps for long-distance couples.

5 Sex Myths Experts Wish Would Disappear

We have made progress over the years, and the importance of clear information around sex is becoming more of a norm. But some of these falsehoods still come up on a regular basis which can be harmful as people need to be well informed as to ensure safe and pleasurable sex.

10 Reasons To Start Your Day With A Sexy Tumble In Bed

Good sex is good at any time of the day, but good sex in the morning is especially good. Particularly because morning sex has some health-related benefits that your body will thank you for long after.

Bedroom Workout: Cardio Has Never Been This Much Fun

Getting in sex for better shape. Yes, you read that correctly. Exercising is good for sexual performance, but sex is also good for a quick exercise.

The Top 5 Apps For Those Who Hate Dating Apps

Maybe you’ve met one too many weirdos, or you’ve just had a serious breakup, and you wish to dip your toe into it, whatever your reason, there are many alternative dating apps that you may feel more comfortable trying.

10 Budget-Friendly & Romantic Date Ideas

A date here and there may turn up the heat in your relationship, but they can end up burning a hole in your pocket. Don't let the piggy bank stop you from doing something meaningful with your romantic interest.

Ending A ” Situationship” Is Allowed To Feel Painful

There are no wrong or right ways to have a relationship. Title or no title is a break-up is a break-up, and you should have the space to process that in the best way for you.

Singledom: Is It Holding You Back From Finally Establishing A Serious Relationship

You realize that the closest you’re going to get to that breakfast in bed is the pack of crisps you fell asleep next to after your rage of a night of binging Ratched on Netflix. Is it possible you’ve been single for too long, and is it holding you back from getting into a relationship?

Gentle Yet Effective Ways To Reject Someone Who Isn’t The One For You

There is nothing more uncomfortable and awkward than having to have this challenging chat with someone.

Staying Single This Festive Season Might Be Exactly What You Need

Let go of the expectations of what the holiday season should look like and make it whatever the bell you want. Just maybe, the ideal present you could give yourself this Christmas is your independence. Here are five reasons to stay single this Christmas:

Historical Royal Romances Worth Remembering

Our childhood fantasies of being swept off our feet by Prince Charming is not always the ending to a real monarch’s experience. The royals are no strangers to chaotic love stories.

5 Common Relationship Issues & How To Solve Them

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and it takes effort from all parties to make it work.

Everything You Need To Know About A Twin Flame Relationship

Have you ever felt a connection with someone so strong that your life instantly changes?

Foolproof Conversation Starters That Will Guarantee A Response On Tinder

The world of online dating apps is changing yet again with the

10 Helpful Tips To Survive the First Year of Your Relationship

You’ve found “the one,” but can you keep him? It’s a statistic

The Big O: 10 Fascinating Facts About Female Orgasms Every Women Needs To Know

The search for the Big O, the female orgasm, has become the