10 Signs You’re Investing Too Much In Your Friendship

Are you the only one willing to go the extra mile, while your friend gladly turns you down every time you need them? Maybe it’s time you finally start rethinking the whole friendship equation. 

A friend is someone we can confide in, both in good and bad times. Great friends are rare, but there’s no magic way of telling who wishes you well and who doesn’t, especially with the pandemic having redefined friendship dynamics. 

2020 may have devastated our lives, but it did us a massive favor in the friendship department. Many of us made conscious efforts to stay connected with our friends, even through virtual means. It’s time to take a look at the ten signs which point towards your friendship being one-sided. 

They Contact You Only When It’s Convenient For Them

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You might have noticed that your friends only keep in touch with you when it’s convenient for them. And whenever you try to reach out to them, they either say they’re busy with something or bluntly refuse you.

They Will Babble On About Their Problems But Never Listen To Yours 

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If your friend only wants you to hear their problems but couldn’t care less about yours, it’s an alarming situation for where you both stand. You don’t have to be the only one making sacrifices. 

It Drains You To Put Up With Them 

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Healthy friendships help us grow and become a better version of ourselves. Toxic ones suck out all our energy and leave us feeling drained, emotionally and physically. 

They Make Everything About Themselves 

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Friendships are all about being able to strike a balance. If you’re the one who’s doing all the listening and understanding all the time, it’s likely to jeopardize your well-being and not worth it. 

They Never Understand Your POV 

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Do you feel like your friend never hears you out or understands your thoughts and feelings? Their straight rejection or lack of understanding can affect your emotional state of being.

You Are Their Stress Buster/Therapist

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Call it what you want to, your friend loves coming to you because you uplift their spirits. You are always available to fix their problems, and they like venting out in front of you. 

They Want To Influence Decisions Involving Your Life 

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Having friends who want to influence you is one of the most frustrating signs of a friendship gone wrong. A controlling friend wants to make all your decisions for you, which is such a terrible thing. Friends are good advisers, but things can get ugly when they take on the role of dictators. 

They Lack Empathy 

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If you’ve ever felt like your friend makes your problems seem insignificant, chances are they don’t know how to be empathic. This could also explain their judgy side that always makes you feel like you’re part of the problem. 

They Are Missing In Action Until They Need You For Something 

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This is a classic example of one-sided friendships. If your friend is never there to help when you need them, it’s a clear indicator that they don’t care about you or your problems enough to show up. 

They Don’t Value You

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Great friends know the value of friendship. And that doesn’t mean they shower you with expensive gifts. The friends who genuinely value you would go out of their way to make you happy. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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