10 Things Mothers Wish They Knew Before They Gave Birth

No matter how much you’ve researched or trained on the subject, nothing can ever fully prepare you for becoming a mother. And because some lessons are only learned the hard way, here is some motherhood wisdom for future moms to feel a little less lonely on their journey. 

Becoming a mother is an overwhelming experience, and while we’re usually exposed to the rosy side, it does have its struggles. Expecting mothers are normally told to conform to certain acceptable ways of doing things, and trying to function within such limitations can really weigh down on their physical and emotional well-being. 

Regardless of what you’ve read or have been told by your friends and family, it is you who will have to survive this rollercoaster ride which only begins when you’ve given birth. Here: we go through ten things that mothers strongly wish someone had told them before their life changed. 

1.Believe In Yourself 

You might find it really hard to process all the information you’ve been bombarded with from getting pregnant to nearing labor. But just remember that you have the strength to endure all the pain and discomfort, and welcome your little baby. 

2.Don’t Go Overboard With Your Preparations 

The chances of your giving birth right on the due date are fairly low, so do prepare yourself for that. But do not stress over those monthly and weekly birth plan packages you are forcing yourself to follow. Instead, it’s best to formulate your own plan. 

3.Your Birth Experience May Not Go As Planned 

Things hardly ever go as planned, and this couldn’t be more true in the case of pregnancy. Work on embracing how things work out for you – and this includes mentally preparing yourself for a C-section or epidural. Not being able to control how things unfold is okay, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

4.Don’t Stress Too Much 

It can be quite daunting to make sense of what you’re actually going through, and where you’re headed, but overthinking your birth experience can lead to bouts of stress and anxiety. Avoid worrying and over-analyzing details. 

5.You Will Reach The Hospital On Time 

The last few weeks, or rather, the very last days before your due date can feel scary and out of control. You may lose sleep thinking that any moment could just be the one; but understand that you will give birth in the hospital when the time comes. 

6.Being An Emotional Mess Is Normal 

You can go through a whirlpool of emotions right from finding out you’re pregnant to riding along for nine months. And postpartum depression is a whole different topic, but remember that it is okay to have your emotions all over the place. 

7.Post-Birth Bleeding May Prolong 

You can expect to bleed for as long as six weeks after giving birth. While this duration may differ for everyone, it’s best to prepare yourself for feelings of discomfort that you’re likely to experience later. 

8.Your Life Will Change Completely 

Nothing can compare to the sheer bliss of motherhood and cradling your sweet little baby in your arms. But with all the joy comes endless pain, struggle and moments when you feel like a complete failure. Just understand that your life has changed drastically, and you will adjust with time.

9.Cherish The People In Your Life 

Whether it is your husband who never leaves your side (and even respects when you need space), or a friend who is always there to comfort you, pregnancy and motherhood teach us a lot about genuine relationships. 

10.Find Comfort In Little Moments 

Pregnancy is hard. Giving birth is even harder and perhaps the most cumbersome task is raising your children. However, just one glance at those little bundles of joy can uplift your low spirits and make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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