10 TikTok Hacks We Actually Use

Jun 09, 2021
06:00 P.M.
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Among the billions of contents in the app, you can come across practical advice of all kinds. Many have to be taken with a grain of salt or can be disastrous, but some tricks turn out to be small revelations that can improve everyday life.


In just over a year, the TikTok video-sharing platform has become a colossal repository of videos of all kinds, light years away from the original clips focused on choreography and lip-sync.

As the authors of the clips admit, most of the tricks are handed down by parents and friends or taken from other online videos; However, the 60-second TikTok video format makes these pearls particularly effective to share within the app.

1. Grouping Tabs On Google Chrome


One of the most valuable functions of the Google Chrome browser is also one of the least publicized: merging the open tabs inside into groups to keep the tab bar tidy that few can keep under control.

In this way, it is possible to keep dozens of tabs open simultaneously, orienting between each tab by topic or by any other chosen criterion.

2. Remove Label From Products


Nailing barcodes from glasses, knick-knacks, and other products can be difficult, but the reality is that there is a much simpler method: use a small piece of duct tape.

Peeling a well-attached label by hand can take time and leave residue on the surface; by applying adhesive tape and pulling it suddenly from one side to the other, the label comes off without any problems, leaving the surface practically intact.

3. Fit Jeans That Are Too Loose


It is unnecessary to throw away too baggy jeans after a wrong purchase or a successful diet. In online stores and traditional ones and haberdashery, you can find replacement buttons composed of two applied elements on one side and the other.

Other than the fabric and that once the latter is perforated, they join together as a whole. Just place them next to the original button, at the height of where you want to fasten the pants.

4. Effortlessly Clean Tupperware


Plastic containers for temporarily storing fresh food remain terribly dirty after use. A sponge, dishwashing liquid, and a minimum of elbow grease are enough to clean them properly.

But those without this latter ingredient can always fill the container with a solution of warm water and detergent and then season everything with shreds of paper cloth. Closing and shaking thoroughly should return a similar result.

5. Keep Used Brushes As New


For anyone who has to temporarily stop a painting or have a painting job to be resumed the next day, it is not necessary to wash their brushes to prevent the paint from drying them, making them unusable.

Just wrap them in a layer of aluminum foil and store them in the refrigerator until they are needed. The trick seems to work for several days, but perhaps it is better to keep it by itself in a section. This is to ensure that the smell of paint does not invade the entire refrigerator.

6. Faster And Nicer Way To Cut Watermelon


Sometimes, dicing watermelons for a large number of people can be so stressful. What if you knew a faster way to do this and save yourself some time?

7. Cooking Mac And Cheese Without Water


To cook her pasta, Jasmine actually substitutes water for milk. In the saucepan, she pours the milk, lets it heat up a little, then adds the pasta, the butter, then the flour, and finishes with the Gruyere. A somewhat surprising mixture of ingredients.

8. Separating Egg Yolk From Whites


Learning how to separate the whites from the egg yolk in a fraction of a second is a helpful tip that should make our life easier because many recipes require separating the yolk from the egg white, especially in baking.

9. How To Peel Tomatoes Without Boiling Water


To do this trick at home, nothing could be simpler. Just cut the tomatoes in half, put a little olive oil in the bottom of a pan, then add the tomatoes.

They are then heated, covered, and over medium heat for five minutes. Once out of the heat, lightly pinch the skin of the tomato. It separates from its flesh in an instant.

10. Places Where You Can Hide Your Valuables

And finally, the old grandma's tricks. If you are afraid of thieves, you can always store your savings in the back of a tent or hide the change in a pumpkin. But perhaps talking about it is counterproductive.