10 Times Baby Kaavia James Had Us Giggling While Looking At Her Instagram

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade have their hands full with their hilarious baby girl. Two-year-old Kaavia James continually has us in stitches with the Instagram posts uploaded by her parents. 

Kaavia James is one of the most hilarious two-year-olds in the world right now. The toddler has some of the best reactions to her parents’ antics and viral internet challenges and memes. 

We are so glad that the cute two-year-old has her own Instagram page dedicated to these images of her. Take a look at our top ten favorite Kaavia James Instagram posts that had us giggling nonstop for hours.

Call First

Kaaivia is our everyday quarantine mood in this cute video. No visitors, please!

Oh, Sure

That awkward moment when your best friend tries to recruit you to try out a new diet with her once again.

I’ll Pass

We’d all choose a piece of french toast over some drama any day.


Sometimes babies have to keep their parents entertained with a few games, too, you know. 

Minding My Business

On some days, we’re cute, and on others, we’re still cute, but you should only look from afar. 

Big Mood

A tasty oatmeal bowl deserves not one, not two, but four different moods to enjoy it properly. 

Shady Baby

What’s a shady baby without an iconic and exceptionally animated eye roll? 

Not Impressed

Don’t you hate it when your mom experiments with food and then you have to eat snacks for dinner?

Sour Pout

Sometimes you’re just done pretending that lemons aren’t that sour. We don’t all have time to make lemonade! 

All Giggles

Whether it’s to cover up a mess you’ve made or to appease guests, giggling is the best way out of situations. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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