10 Tips To Get Optimized Sleep At Night

A calming nighttime ritual goes a long way in helping you sleep like a baby. Whether you’re fond of reading your favorite book or listening to a tune you love on repeat, it’s time to pay some close attention to setting your night routine. 

A healthy mind and body require at least five to eight hours of sleep. Though we all crave uninterrupted rest, we have a hard time putting our phones away or merely indulging in affairs that can disrupt our sleeping patterns. 

Building a good night routine requires repetition and persistence. We have to be willing to give our nighttime rituals just the same importance as our morning routine. Have a look at the ten tips that will help you get optimized sleep at night. 

1.Take A Warm Bath 

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Bathing in hot water at least an hour before sleeping will relieve you of all the stress you’ve been in throughout the day. It will make you feel lighter and calm your body and mind, so you’re ready to drift off to sleep. 

2.Indulge In A Nighttime Skincare Routine 

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Taking care of your skin is extremely important before you get to rest. Make sure you’ve applied your moisturizer, lip balm, and hand and body lotions so that your skin barrier layer is activated to perform its protective function. 

3.Drink Decaffeinated Tea 

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While most people are fond of sipping bedtime coffee or tea, it’s best to switch them with a decaffeinated tea. You can either go for green tea or lemon tea with honey, and it will calm your wandering mind so you can sleep soon. 

4.Read A Book 

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Some people cannot sleep without reading a page or two (and sometimes more) of their favorite book. Bedtime reading is a good habit because it helps you doze off fast, but make sure you are not reading on your phone, or else your sleep will disappear. 

5.Put Your Phone Away 

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It can be a real challenge not to check your phones when you’re in bed, but try to fight the urge. Increased screen time at night and especially in bed interrupts our natural sleep patterns, which gives rise to those pounding headaches that we can’t shake off so quickly. 

6.Eat A Bedtime Snack 

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We understand those late-night cravings right when you sneak into your beds. You can satisfy your hunger by picking up a healthy snack that doesn’t increase your calorie count or is hard to digest. Never go for junk food or fatty, heavy options. 

7.Drink Water 

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Our body needs to stay hydrated so that it can perform its functions properly. Remember to drink water before going to bed so that your thirst doesn’t make you take a trip to the kitchen again. But don’t drink so much that you have to make frequent trips to the bathroom. 

8.Prayer Or Meditation 

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Your mind and body need to align for you to be able to sleep perfectly well. You can achieve this synchronicity by meditating or praying so that a calming sensation takes over you and helps you unwind from your exhaustion. 

9.Put An Alarm 

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Your entire routine for the day will start sorting itself out if you start waking up on time every morning. Setting your alarm for the morning will subconsciously adjust your sleep cycle, so you start feeling drowsy at the same time every night. 

10.Go Slow 

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Setting any routine takes time and patience. You will not be able to fix your sleep schedule in just a day or two. Be consistent and incorporate a healthy nighttime routine so that your mind and body start getting used to it. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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