10 Tips To Maintaining Curls

Jun 06, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Curly hair is a drama queen. The definition of our curls depends on a lot of factors that vary from day to day. However, this is no excuse to hate your wild curls; with a few tips and know-how, you can master your curls.


Before you turn up your nose at us, you must remember that curly hair differs from other hair textures. It needs more hydration, more patience, and less washing, but that isn't necessarily bad. It's your cheat sheet.

Focus your energy on the right products and techniques that will not only maintain your curls but make your hair more manageable. We know you want shiny locks, and you can achieve them, especially when your hair is nice and healthy. So scroll down for ten tips that will assist you in maintaining curls.

Comb From Root To Tip


There's nothing more frustrating than detangling hair that's knotted up - especially when you are the cause. Break free from these shackles by detangling hair from tip to root to take apart each knot gently.

Besides, forcing your way through is painful and will set you back. Also, to protect hair from damage, make sure you use a wide-tooth comb as a detangling tool. It is more efficient than a brush.

Trim Regularly To Beat Split Ends


Schedule an appointment with your stylist every six to eight weeks to keep your hair healthy and bouncy. Furthermore, split ends are a major contributor to damaged-looking hair. Think annoying frizz.

Use a Conditioning Treatment


If your curls are looking dull and lifeless (it's bound to happen either way you are a curly girl), it's time to incorporate a leave-in to your regime. However, if your hair is fine, you may want to try lightweight hydration like a spritz or a conditioning spray all over your lock but focusing on your ends.

Do Weekly Scalp Treatments


When's the last time you treated your scalp? When your hair looks limp with product overload or any other reason, you can use a clarifying treatment that will exfoliate any dead skin and get rid of buildup and dandruff.

Scrunch Away


Scrunch before you leave the shower. To maintain your curls, start in the shower. Flip your head over, scrunching out the excess liquid. When diffusing, do the same while your head is flipped over and continue to scrunch for major bounce and volume.

Another tip to incorporate is to keep your curls bouncy is before you start the drying process. Make sure you scrunch your hair while rinsing your conditioner out. The flipping will maximize your curl pattern.

Dry Your Hair


Don't go to sleep with wet hair. Seriously, your hair will not get the best definition possible. Also, blow drying it entirely will make it super fluffy. You can let it air dry or blow-dry the ends with a round brush—the result is super lustrous hair.

Comb and Detangle In The Shower


Any combing or brushing will disrupt your curl pattern as the process splits the curls apart. This is bound to cause chaos, especially if you do so after the shower. Therefore, always do all your detangling with water. After the final rinse, do not comb through again. Not even with your fingers.

Apply Hair Products On Damp Hair


The secret weapon for curly hair is to apply the products when damp. This because you'll beat the frizz before it wakes up and causes chaos. Keep your hands close as you work through the product but do not rake your fingers through the fragile curls.

Creams and Gels Are Better Than Oils


Okay, this is one of the biggest myths that exist in the curly hair community. The best form of hydration is conditioners and creams. If you use frizz to get rid of frizz, the oil will not moisturize and only weigh it down. Oil does not give the proper hold or hydration. Thus the reason creams and gels are better alternatives.

Use the Pineapple Trick For Defined Curls


If you have never heard of "Pineappling," you're in for a treat. This is a styling technique where you gather your hair at the topmost point of the head, right before sleeping. It protects your curls and maintains volume while keeping bedhead at bay.

In the morning, please take out your pony, shake out your pony and wear it out. For the best result, use a scrunchie. It prevents breakage and ponytail creasing. Moreover, sleep on a silk pillowcase. They, too, reduce bedhead, and your hair will look sleek and hydrated.