10 Unexpected Fragrance Facts Worth Knowing

Fragrances and perfumes play a significant role in our lives, and we should consider them like liquid gold. A delectable scent can take you back to a memory or put you in a sensory trance. 

Almost everyone can remember the perfume that their mother wore when they were little. We could also remember the smell of the very first fragrance we ever used if someone spritzed in the air. 

Perfumes have become a significant part of our lives for many reasons, and we can’t live without them. To honor fragrances and their significance, we have listed ten unexpected facts about them that are worth knowing below:

Hydrated Skin


Fragrances last longer on hydrated skin, so applying an unscented lotion before you spray will make it last all day. Some people use petroleum jelly lotion on the spots they spray perfume on before spritzing the scent. 

Whale Vomit


Ambergris is a raw ingredient used in perfumes to give off a sweet ocean scent in fragrances. This ingredient also happens to be the product of sperm whale intestines, so there is whale vomit in some fragrances. 


Spraying your favorite scents in your hair may make them last longer than if you spray on your skin. This long-lasting scent results from the oiliness of the scalp that can keep scents longer than the oil on your skin. 

Don’t Trust Your Nose


Our noses allegedly get used to our signature scents after the first time it’s sprayed. Other than that, one can’t fully recognize the scent unless one pays careful attention to it, so it’s best not to over-spritz just in case.  

Musk Origins

Fans of musky scents should know that the fragrance’s origins are secretions from male deer. Unfortunately, the deer have to be killed to extract it, so companies mimic the scent synthetically now. 

Cigarette Scent

Photo by shahin khalaji on Unsplash

Back in 1921, Molinard produced a fragrance that was intended to make cigarettes smell better. Consumers could apply the perfume called Habanita to the cigarettes, or they could place a pouch in a cigarette case to scent them. 

Expensive Nose

There is a rumor that famed French perfumer Jean Carles insured his nose for a million dollars. Jean created scents like Miss Dior, so we do not doubt that his nose is genuinely worth every single penny. 

Godly Smells

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Ancient Egyptians were some of the first people to wear perfumes in the world. Perfumes were essential to Ancient Egyptians because they believed they were the sweat of Ra, the Ancient Egyptian sun god. 

Most Expensive

We present to you the world’s most expensive perfume. At $215 000 for 16.9 ounces packaged in a Baccarat crystal bottle, a five-carat diamond, and an 18-carat gold collar, Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty takes the spot. 

Best Selling Beyoncé

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In 2018, Beyoncé’s fragrance Heat Mrs. Carter was crowned the best-selling celebrity fragrance of all time. The special edition fragrance had brought in over $400 million at the time, and each bottle is $60.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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