10 Watersports Worth Trying This Summer

Post-vaccine summer will be different, and there’s nothing better to cool down in the blistering heat than watersports! So grab your swimsuits and get ready to get wet all summer long!

Summer days are long, and it can get boring just spending the day at the pool; you want to get up and do something. Watersports are ideal for calming down and spend some of the pent-up energy from sitting all day indoors.

Whether it’s an adrenaline rush you’re after, or you just want something to cool off, there’s something for everyone! Here’s a list of ten watersports to inspire you.

1. Hydrofoiling


If you’re a fan of surfing, wakeboarding, or just love a challenge, you should definitely try hydrofoiling. The boards have a unique design that allows you to glide on the water, and they’re not only designed for surfing!

These boards might be difficult to master if you don’t have experience surfing, but if you’re willing to go through the trouble for the adrenaline rush, it’s worth it! Don’t forget to strap a life vest on before you head out on the water!

2. Windsurfing


This watersport is a combination of surfing and sailing that lets you feel the wind in your hair while you glide on the water. You might need to be a bit fit, but you should be on your way to creating lasting summer memories with a bit of guidance.

If it’s a lovely windy day, you can break out your windsurfing gear and hit up your local watering hole, and cool off. Is there a better way to spend a windy summer’s day?

3. Water Rafting


It’s an excellent activity to spend the day on the water and in the sun, you can even stop for a nice meal out on the water. Don’t forget your waterproof phone case because you’ll want pictures of the beautiful scenes you see.

If you’re looking for excitement and thrill, you can find white and rapid waters; the ride is sure to be much more exciting! Be sure to strap on a helmet and a life vest because it can get rough out there, even if you’re experienced.

4. Scuba Diving


You see it on every beach goers Instagram, scuba diving in the coral reefs trying to find Nemo! It’s a must for your next beach vacation, especially if you’ve never been before!

Our coral reefs are in danger, and corals are sensitive, so while you’re down, try not to litter and don’t write your names on the coral because they can die! While you’re down there, you might even want to see a shipwreck!

5. Paddle Boarding


It’s the more relaxing sport that suits every family member’s experience levels. You don’t have to work too hard to stay afloat, and you don’t have to go at it alone.

It isn’t easy at first, so it would be best to stay on calm waters like at a lake, but if you’re keen on building your core, you can stand up and even practice yoga on these boards. And if you’re over the calm paddling, you can always try surfing!

6. Jet Skiing


You can find jet skis for hire from the coast to the lake just about anywhere near a body of water. If you love driving fast, you’re going to enjoy taking a jet ski out on the water with no traffic!

If you’re near the coast, there might be exciting jet ski safaris that you can go on. It’s not a speed thrilling adventure, but it can be a nice family activity if there’s a lot of nature to see!

7. Cage Diving


Now, if you’re an absolute adrenaline junkie, you’ll want to go deep-sea diving just to see sharks in their natural habitat. For some of us, shark week is all the experience we need!

You don’t need much experience because you’ll be confined to a cage, so it’s definitely worth a try if you’re up for the adventure. Make sure the company is reliable because you’re dealing with large predators that can hurt you!

8. Water Balloon Wars


If you can’t go on an adventure and your town doesn’t have a local watering hole, you have to make your own adventure. You can always fill a bucket with water balloons and gather your friends for some fun around the garden.

You can take the wars a step further and add some Kool-Aid to the water before you fill the balloons, and have everyone wear white clothes, like a less painful version of paintball. You can get the entire neighborhood involved for some fun!

9. Flyboarding


It is a super fun activity that you might not be able to master, but you’ll have plenty of laughs trying to master it. You’re attached to a board that has a hose connected that propels water out of it and blasts you at least 80- feet into the air!

If you master it, you could be doing amazing tricks and even flying above the water! So if you’re in for the giggles, convince your friends to try to flyboard!

10. Yachting


Suppose it all sounds a bit too adventurous for you, and you like spending your summers classily sipping your booze in a swimsuit that was never designed for the water. In that case, you can hire a yacht with your friends and spend your day lounging in the sun or even have a romantic dinner in the evenings.

Whether you’re out to relax in the sun or an adrenaline junkie out for some fun, there’s something for everyone. Spend this summer making up for all the hours we spent indoors!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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