10 Ways To Boost Your Energy Without A Caffeine Hit

It’s challenging to keep your energy levels up throughout the day, especially once that caffeine from your morning coffee leaves your body. Going through your to-do list might just be the lullaby that puts you to sleep right at your desk.

Getting through the workday after that, late evening slump hits can be challenging. After 3 pm is the worst time to refuel your caffeine because while it might give you the boost you need, it’s going to keep you up late into the night.

If you’re working on your sleep hygiene then both the nap and the coffee are bad for you, and you want to avoid it at all costs! Here’s a list of things you can do to give you the energy boost to make it throughout the rest of the workday.

1. Laugh


Sometimes you’re just feeling drained because your work is tedious you; take a little break and find something to laugh at. It can be a cute cat video, a funny TikTok skit, or even watching an old silly video; as long as it gets you laughing, it can wake you right up!

2. Snack


Grab a snack to give you that boost you need. You might want to stay away from the sugary snack because they’ll give you a slight boost, but you’ll feel tired again in no time, so grab something healthy like granola or even an apple with a bit of peanut butter on it.

3. Get Up And Get Away From Your Work Station


When you spend long hours at your desk working without taking breaks, you can easily get worn out. So get up and take a walk, move around and get that blood pumping, so you feel alive!

4. Drink Some Water


You might not be able to get a caffeine fix, but a cold sip of water might be enough to wake you right up! A study actually showed that exhaustion could be due to dehydration, so make sure you’re drinking enough water throughout the day!

5. Chew Gum


Gum, especially mint-flavored gum, can stimulate your body and give you a boost of motivation, energy, alertness, and confidence. It also gives your mouth something to do, so you might not feel bored enough to doze off!

6. Listen To Music


Whenever you’re tired and trying to walk out of the club to go home and rest, your favorite song comes on and makes you turn back and spend four more hours out. Your favorite songs can give you that same energy boost you need, just at work!

So crank up the tunes, and even if it means dancing around the office, do it! You might even help someone else out of their slump!

7. Connect With Nature


Being around nature can boost your energy levels and even release stress, which works exceptionally for empaths. Go outside and spend at least five minutes connecting with nature for a boost of energy!

8. Make Yourself Cold


Sometimes you just get tired because the temperature is ideal for sleeping, which happens a lot in the winter when the heating in the office is on. Scoot yourself to the windows or the AC vents; a bit of cool air should wake you right up!

9. Have A Chat


When your brain gets tired of looking at the computer screen, your eyes might start feeling heavy, but your friends can keep you awake. All you have to do is start up a conversation; if the people at work are busy, call a friend for a few minutes you’ll feel revitalized in no time!

10. Take A Walk


Walking helps you destress, boosts your mood and energy; even if it’s just pacing around the office for a bit, it’s going to make you feel more alive than sitting down. So offer to run errands outside, you need the exercise!

All these tricks can help you focus and be more alert at work and even while you’re studying! If you’re still feeling exhausted although trying these tricks and a caffeine dose, you might want to speak to your doctor about chronic exhaustion!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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