The Best Foods To Eat For Maximum Energy Before A Workout

Food is a significant factor for your workout results. Appropriate nutrition is crucial for optimal outcomes for your hard work in the gym, and it is essential to pay attention to what we eat. 

We are all aware of what food items to consume to fulfill a healthy eating habit. However, most of us aren’t aware of what foods we should be eating to maximize our physical exercise efforts. 

It is vital to keep our metabolisms working, and our bodies energized before a session at the gym. Take a look at the foods that you should eat to fuel up and optimize your workouts in our list below: 

Granola With Berries And Plain Yoghurt

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Berries and granola contain carbohydrates that are easy and quick to digest. Carbohydrates are essential for boosting energy that you will burn in your workout. 

Plain Greek yogurt has plenty of protein, which helps prevent muscle breakdown during exercise. This combo works well as a pre-workout snack, and unsweetened granola and yogurts offer the best results. 

Fruit Smoothies

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Fruit issues sugars to the body that is easy to digest. This snack offers a fantastic energy source for high-intensity exercise routines and has many options to suit anyone’s tastes. 

Oatmeal With Blueberries

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If you like to go for a longer workout, this bowl of energy is an excellent option. Oatmeal releases sustained vitality that will last for your longer training sessions. 

Overnight oats recipes with greek yogurt or protein powder are excellent for aiding muscles after a workout. This oatmeal is also a superb option for those who prefer to have their snacks ready to go in the morning. 

Banana With Honey And Peanut Butter

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Bananas contain potassium, which aids with optimal muscle and nerve function. These fruits are also packed with fuelling carbohydrates that make for a great long term energy release. 

Top off this snack with no more than two tablespoons of unsweetened nut butter for extra protein. You can add honey for sweetness and a slow release of glucose in your body, which is great for long sessions. 

Apple With Raisins And Almond Butter

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This snack provides your body with sugar, fiber, and a little bit of fat. It is an excellent snack if you are not too hungry in the morning but need an energy boost before hitting the gym.

Energy Balls

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Store-bought protein bars and bites can contain tons of unwanted processed sugars. Making your energy snacks is a better option, and it is easier than you think. 

No-bake recipes need ingredients such as oats, honey, protein powder, nut butter, and chocolate chips. All you need to do is throw these items together, shape them as you like, and place them in the fridge to set. 

Homemade Sports Drink

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Sports drinks are also culprits of feeding our bodies with excessive processed sugars. You can rid yourself of artificial ingredients by squeezing orange juice and mixing it with water, salt and honey. 

DIY Granola Bar

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Making healthy granola bars is much cheaper than purchasing mass made options in stores. The more affordable options always have one or two questionable ingredients that you don’t want in your system. 

Although it takes a bit of preparation time to make granola bars, you will not regret the outcome. Make sure your bars contain seeds, a small amount of dried fruit, wholesome carbs, and ancient grains. 

Dried Apricots And Low Fat Cottage Cheese

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Cottage cheese contains casein and whey protein, which makes it a protein-packed snack. Casein helps muscles grow and recover, and whey helps burn fat and build muscle. 

Dried apricots offer some carbs to the cottage cheese snack and make an excellent fueling combination. This duo may cause some bloating in your stomach because it is low in fat and fiber. 

Peanut Butter And Jelly

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This easy staple sandwich is a favorite amongst people of all ages. It also contains a fair amount of protein and carbs that are great for fuelling workouts. 

You should opt for whole wheat bread and natural unsweetened nut butter for the best results. Try a less sugary jelly alternative as well for optimal nutrition. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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