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10 Ways To Keep Snakes Out Of Your Garden


May 02, 2021

While many garden snakes are not dangerous, having snakes around your garden can be upsetting for many, luckily you can stop snakes from making your home their own.

It's important to note that most garden snakes don't pose a serious threat. In many cases, a garden snake is just trying to go about its business and may try to avoid human contact.

With that, some of the snakes that you may come in contact with maybe poisonous so the safest thing is to snake-proof your garden as best you can. Here are ten ways to keep unwanted slithering critters away.

Tidy You Garden

Snakes enjoy hiding in the tall grass where nobody can see them. Minimize the chance of housing a snake in your yard by minimizing the nooks and crevices like tall grass, piled leaves, or rocks.

Clear Hedges

Just like the tall grass, snakes can hide in the hedges and bushes, so it might be a good idea to clear the hedges. It's also the perfect place for prey like mice and frogs. This can attract snakes.

Seal Holes In The Garden

Snakes during the cold season like to hide in some of the holes in the ground. Even if there are no snakes, prey may be hiding in those holes.

Snake-Proof Fence

If your yard is especially bothered by snakes in your area, consider a snake-proof fence. Though this may be a little pricey, it can help keep snakes away.

Lay Snake Traps

If you suspect that a snake is lurking in your yard, lay a snake trap without trying to kill. However, before you get into snake trapping, call your local animal control authorities.

Cover Holes Leading To Houses And Garages

Check for holes Snakes like to hide in holes in the garage or the roof. Make sure you cover these holes to keep snakes from creeping into your home.

Cause Disturbances

If you think that there are snakes in your garden, turn on a machine like a lawnmower or a tiller to produce vibrations on the ground. While this may not keep them away, it may help keep them away while you tend to other weak spots in your yard.

Install A Perch Pole

Installing a perch pole can help to attract snake predators like hawks or owls who can keep the snakes in your garden away.


Use A Non-Toxic Snake Repellent

If you're growing vegetables in your garden, this may not be the ideal option as repellents can contain harmful ingredients. They may also not be advised for pets.

Cultivate Plants That Deter Snakes 

Some plants have evolved to naturally repel unwanted visitors with their general unpleasantness, like a strong odor or thorny leaves. Get a Snake Plant that is also very low maintenance, so you won't have to spend too much time nurturing it.