Gardening: The Best Low Maintenance Roses To Plant

Sep 17, 2020
03:40 A.M.
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Roses enjoy being Americans’ favorite landscape plants, but they have a reputation for being high maintenance. Many varieties require a lot of work to keep them disease and insect-free, though there have been some incredible breeding breakthroughs in landscape roses.

Modern varieties feature attractive qualities for busy, modern gardeners, including self-cleaning, hardiness in cooler climates, and drought and disease resistance. Selecting less fussy, low-maintenance roses when choosing a rose bush for your garden can be difficult if you are a novice.

Let’s look at some of the easiest roses to grow in any garden where the soil is well-drained:

1. Sally Holmes



This climbing rose, which averages 8 to 10 feet, produces lovely white blooms blushed with pink. The variety is considered to have little to no thorns. It is an easy-care rose that is hardy in most climates.

It is best grown in full sun but tolerates partial shade. Sally Holmes has the second-highest rating by the American Rose Society.

2. Flower Carpet Pink



The Flower Carpet Pink is a low-growing plant that produces clusters of bright pink blooms. The hardy plant requires full sun or partial shade.

It also needs an average amount of water. It has a fairly long bloom season from mid-Spring until frost.

3. Little Mischief

Photo by Fatih on Unsplash

Photo by Fatih on Unsplash

This beautiful shrub rose has pink overtones; it has deep pink blooms fading to hot pink. Little Mischief reaches a height of 24 inches (60 cm.) at maturity and ideal for small garden spaces or even containers.

It is great for beginner gardeners because it requires little care; all it needs is a sunny spot and minimal rose care. The hardy plant is disease-resistant and has glossy green foliage and big blooms that continue all season.

4. Double Knock-Out



Knock Out roses, known for their beautiful blooms and loved for their low maintenance, are always a gardener’s favorite. Double Knock-Out goes one step further; it has impressive cherry red double blooms.

Reaching a height of 4 feet, it’s a good choice for warmer regions, but are equally cold hardy. They bloom from early Spring to the first frost. They prefer 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily.

5. Mellow Yellow



The soft yellow-colored hybrid tea rose bush, which requires little maintenance, is an absolute must-have in any garden. It reaches a maximum height of 4 feet.

Mellow Yellow is a naturally vigorous plant that needs full sun. The Mellow Yellow produces big blossoms in Summer, and the blooms come on long cutting stems.

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