10 Wedding Cake Trends Of 2021

Mar 29, 2021
06:00 P.M.
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A central element of the marriage ceremony, the wedding cake should be as spectacular as it is delicious. Expert pastry chefs sometimes spend several months designing these veritable gastronomic sculptures!


The traditional mounted piece is gradually giving way to designs of all kinds as requested by the couple. Being an essential piece, it must beautifully represent this magical day and make an impression.

This is why it is crucial to take the time to think it over and make sure you make the right choice of wedding cake. Whether you decide to have a classic or ultra-worked wedding cake, the taste should be top-notch.

1. Floral


One of the trends that attract more and more couples is floral cakes. Flowers bring an aesthetic and natural side to wedding cakes. If you opt for a floral wedding cake, be aware that you can only use flowers grown for this purpose. They may be smaller than those in season, but you can ensure their edibility.

Even better, to flower your cake, you can use sugar paste or wafer paper flowers. Thus, you can replace peonies, dahlias, or baby's breath, known for their beauty but recognized as toxic!


2. Geometry + Physics


If you're not a traditional bride, you will want something different for your big day. This is where geometric designs come into play. As with current architecture and interiors trends, geometric cakes are all the rage. Add a little bit of physics and let it spin!

Think of geometric jewelry accents and more as alternatives to traditional flower decorations. A geometric wedding cake can be a tremendous edible addition to your modern wedding styling. Geometric shapes and structures also make for great cake stands and toppers.


3. Artistic Painting Inspired


This is one cake that will speak to your art-loving nature. The baker brings art to life in the form of cake. The cake's beauty comes from the fact that you can decide to keep it simple as the one above or go all out.

With these cakes, you can go from minimalistic designs to really bold designs. The transformation of the cake would depend on your theme and choice.

4. Trio Cakes


Today, brides want it all! And so this birthed the trio cakes years ago. The trend, which is still very much alive, is based on having three individual cakes, each with their design and creating a perfect display of cake harmony!

Each of these cakes could also have multiple flavors to cater to the sweet tooth of the couple. From elegant fondant to rustic buttercream, you'd be spoilt for choice!

5. Brush Strokes


If you are a painter or love to paint, then the idea of brush strokes will come naturally to you. It's time to let your inner painter come to life.

A Russian bakery sparked the craze for this design. These cakes have an incredible modern art feel to them. However, it's a relatively simple concept with a striking impact.

6. Pearl Cake


If you can't wear as many pearls as you want to, you have no worries as your cake can wear them. Pearl cakes are decorated with fondant pearls. However, if you are feeling lavish, you can have genuine pearls added to the rows.

You can decide to go for a few rows of pearl designs or have the cake heavily covered in this. A discussion with your pastry chef will prove which best suits your theme.

7. Chandelier Cakes


This is one cake style that can strike fear into the heart of cake decorators and inspire awe in wedding guests. It is an Instagram-worthy cake if you're willing to pay the price.

They are customized as per your wedding theme and designed accordingly. Remember that the number of tiers you want, the more difficult and expensive your cake will be.

8. Staircase


There are many wedding cake styles with stairs. The cake design should ultimately represent you and your partner's personality.

Some wedding cakes have multiple tiers with stairs connecting them, while others have stairs that serve as decoration. Stairs also add more dimension and creativity to your wedding cake.

9. Sculptural


Sculptural wedding cake is a striking, modern design with hundreds of delicate sugar spires reaching skyward. In 2021, cakes just got a whole lot dreamier!

Irrespective of the design you choose, some of these sculptural cakes have a way of defying physics laws, and that is what makes them stand out.

10. Art Deco


Art Deco, short for "Decorative Arts," is an artistic movement that took off in the 1920s. It was first born in architecture, to then be used on the interior elements and now used in cake making.

Art deco style is chic, refined, and very eye-catchy! If your theme is art deco wedding style, your wedding cake will crown it all. An art deco wedding cake is nothing ordinary; it's a bold and chic geometric piece that will have everyone talking for days.

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