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12 Signs You're Unhappy In Your Relationship

Despite the length of your relationship, there's nothing worse than feeling trapped in a miserable relationship. The fact is only made worse if you find yourself avoiding facing the issues at hand.

Unhappy relationships are more common than you think. It's easy for the flame to fade and reality to set in. Therefore, communication is vital, and if your partner is not willing to fix the problems after addressing them, that's a red flag.

If you find yourself in that position, it is time to reevaluate your relationship. It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses because sometimes simple actions communicate volumes. So scroll below for these twelve signs that show you're unhappy in a relationship.

Always Looking For Potential Partners

We are visual beings meaning it's okay to appreciate other people's physical beauty. However, if you find yourself constantly keeping an eye out for attractive people or wondering how life would be with another partner, your relationship might not be that solid.

Rarely Initiating Intimate Moments

If the thought of having an intimate moment with your partner no longer excites you, look out for that as lack of physical touch means a relationship is on the rocks. Therefore, it's time to assess whether you're stuck in a rut or no longer physically attracted to your partner.

There Is Nothing To Talk About Over Dinner

Having nothing to talk about sometimes is normal. But, if you find all your dinner table conversations are filled with pin-drop silence, that's a significant indicator. Take time to question whether you're staying with them out of familiarity or because you really like them. 

Not Spending Quality Time With Each Other

Having a packed schedule is one thing but having some time to spare and not wanting to spend time with your partner is another. Therefore, if you no longer want to feel obliged to make an effort to hang out, you might not be as into them anymore.

You Minimize Their Concerns

A relationship imbalance is caused when one person feels superior and dismisses the other's feelings. Thus, take note if you notice you no longer see value in what your partner says when addressing issues. 

All your Time Feels Like Alone Time

Even when you spend time together, it's possible to feel alone. That means your relationship is not on solid ground when you find scrolling on your phone is more interesting than conversing with your partner.

They're No Longer Your Confidant

If you find yourself sharing more with friends and neighbors than you do with your partner, there might be a problem there. Relationships need transparency, and if you no longer want to share the details with them happening in your life, there could be some trust issues that need addressing. 

You Feel Like You're Under A Microscope.

Relationships are about accepting your partner as they are. That means it's normal for them to mention little things bothering them sometimes. However, if it's a constant occurrence that makes you feel every action is inadequate to them, you have trouble on your hands. 

Canceling Plans More Often

The thought of spending time with your partner should be a wonderful feeling. But if the plans and fantastic date night ideas no longer come into fruition, that's an indicator that it's time to assess if you want to continue pursuing the relationship.

The Communication Pattern Changes


If you constantly loved bombing each other on social media, always liking, commenting, and viewing their posts, then suddenly radio silence, take note of that. No longer wanting to communicate and engage with them means you're distancing yourself. 

Always Being Temperamental Around Them

We are not all the same, meaning it's normal to be bothered by certain things in your partner. However, if you start to feel they are bothering you more than usual, that means there is underlying resentment or dissatisfaction in the relationship.

No Follow Up

In the honeymoon stage, you could have made tons of plans, such as seeing each other's parents or having a couples vacation in the year. However, if there is no interest in following up on those prominent couples' plans, assess this new stage to find out why.