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15 Dating App Red Flags To Notice ASAP

Most of us have at least that one friend who is always successful at dating apps. They are constantly making new and exciting connections and making memories with them. On the other hand, you are spending tons of time on the app and still can't get it right.

If you always find yourself caught up in unending texts that never go anywhere or match sleaze bags, you probably need to have a narrower net. Navigating dating apps is the same as real life, so keep an eye out and analyze their profiles just as you would with someone in person. 

Success is right around the corner, and now is the time to get it right. It's time to weed those bad boys who, frankly, will waste your time and cause you tears. Therefore, look out for these fifteen dating app red flags and change your dating game. 

If Their Bio Has Sexist Comments

No matter how good-looking the person may be, if their bio is exceptionally sexist, swipe left. This includes any divisive statements. Also, if they mention they are looking for a girl who is not like other girls, do not hesitate to run for the hills.

They Don't Want To Communicate Outside The App Or Text

You don't want to be someone's texting buddy. Believe it or not, if that match is not interested in a phone call or even meeting up, there is probably someone else in the picture. To make matters worse, they will keep you on the back burner till you finally walk away. 

A Ton Of Don'ts Listed In Their Profile

Steer clear of negative nancy's. No matter how bad their dating experience was, if their bio is filled with the many things they aren't looking for, this is a major red flag. Besides, they will view you as just another date, so don't bend over backward trying to impress them.

One-Word Answers Are A No Go Zone

If they don't put in the effort to keep the conversation going, don't waste your time trying to keep the conversation alive. Dating apps require a lot of work chatting back and forth, and the chances are that person might not put in any effort either in the relationship.

They Have Inappropriate Sexual Exchanges

People who are seeking long-term relationships will not make sexual remarks as soon as you match. Especially if someone cares about you, they won't take it that far too soon. Remember, there are still respectful people out there. 

Their Media Has Extremely Hot Images

Do we smell a catfish? It's time to make Google image search your new best friend. Of course, hot people exist, but if they look like they just stepped off the runway, it won't hurt to run a quick search.

If You're Not Looking For The Same Thing

If they ask you what you're looking for, your answers don't align, and they continuously text you in a way that they don't respect your opinion. Keep an eye out for that red flag. They are hoping to change your mind while the conversation is still alive. 

They Didn't Read Your Profile

A clear sign someone hasn't read your profile is if they ask you questions whose answers lie in your bio. Besides, someone who is interested long-term will take the time to read your profile. Therefore, if your match does this, they are not looking for anything serious. 

Dislike "Certain Types" Of Women

If their profile mentions gold diggers or drama queens should swipe left, kindly do it even if you don't fall under either category. Putting their specific preferences communicates they are letting their past relationship rule their future one, leaving you in for a ride. 

Their Ex Comes Up Too Soon

No one is interested in pity parties about exes, especially if you've just matched. Therefore, if they begin comparing you to all the negative traits of their last relationship, run for the hills. After all, no one needs that kind of pressure.

Using App Opening Lines

If they've sent questions generated by the app, that means they have put no effort in. They could be sending the same questions to other people suggesting they are looking for matches to entertain him.

Just Ask Since It's Too Much To Write

Anyone who has this phrase in their bio is not great in conversation. Besides, it's a simple job to define yourself. Thus, we recommend not asking. If you do, the onus to keep the conversation going will land on you.


Listing Their Height Because It Matters

This smells like insecurity. Especially if it is the only description on their bio, that person could have confidence issues. Moreover, the people that make it super serious could leave you burned as a result. 

Text Back After A Day Or More

You got a slow responder on your hands if they are doing this. We are not saying spend every second texting back and forth; after all, people have lives. But if your match is way slower than others, they could have other people they're giving their attention to first.

Stating Specific Women Should Not Apply

When they list they are not looking for drama queens or gold diggers, they might not be over the hurt of their past relationship. Also, they could be letting their prior relationship determine the course of this current one, so don't waste your time.