4 Hilarious Videos Of Uncle Roger Reviewing People Cooking

Feb 23, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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If you are done feeling gloomy and depressed even in the kitchen, perhaps it’s time to let dear Uncle Roger cheer you up. With his over-the-top hilarious reactions to cooking clips, you will discover a whole new category of food humor.


There’s a reason why laughter is called the best therapy. And while the lockdown season has been challenging and suffocating, many people have been kind enough to bring a smile to our faces through their impeccable artistic skills.

Nigel Ng, also known for his comedic character Uncle Roger, has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and loves passing his critique on cooking videos. To find out more about his hilarious side, let’s take a look at four videos where his epic humor had us all rolling on the floor.

1.BBC Food Egg Fried Rice

The lady was clearly doomed to failure from the very start, and in all honesty, we felt more afraid for her than that egg-fried rice platter.


2.Kay's Cooking Special Fried Rice

The Iron Maiden woman lost her one true shot with that induction stove in the very beginning. We all feel for her.

3.Jamie Oliver Egg Fried Rice


Who puts green onions at the beginning of the cooking, and that jam has us all doing a double-take.

4.Great British Bake Off Japanese Week

Except for the name, nothing in the video is even remotely linked to Japan, including the ingredients. We are also in league with Uncle Roger on the uneven hair distribution and that anime porn shirt.