Woman in a shower. | Source: Shutterstock
Woman in a shower. | Source: Shutterstock

4 Shower Aesthetic Ideas to Make Your Shower Routine Even Better

Manuela Cardiga
Apr 30, 2023
01:00 P.M.
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Making your shower enjoyable and luxurious can take as little as a few decor ideas to change your bathroom into a spa. Here are a few tips to take your shower experience to the next level.


We can't all afford to spend a day at a spa pampering ourselves, but we can bring that elegance and luxurious ambiance into our bathrooms.

With a few well-thought-out changes and a minimum of effort, we can all transform our bathrooms and our showering experience into a relaxing ritual of sheer pleasure.

Elegant bathroom. | Source: Shutterstock

Elegant bathroom. | Source: Shutterstock

That bland old bathroom may not be conducive to relaxation and the self-indulgence we sometimes need to endure a hard day or a tough week.

Unfortunately, we can't always afford to do the ultimate revamp of our dreams -- but we can make a big difference on a small budget with a lot of imagination.

For an all-enveloping ambiance, please don't stop with how the bathroom looks; think about how it feels and sounds too.

Here are some valuable and affordable tips to transform your bathroom into a pleasure palace and every shower into a delicious spa experience.

Woman hiding behind a shower curtain. | Source: Shutterstock

Woman hiding behind a shower curtain. | Source: Shutterstock

Make Your Entire Bathroom a Beautiful Space Easily

A beautiful, tidy bathroom becomes much more welcoming and relaxing. Minimizing the clutter is an easy step that will have a big impact on your well-being.


Adding photos or paintings to the bathroom decor is also a great idea, or you can invest in a new pretty shower curtain and add dimmer switches for more relaxing lighting.

Luxurious bathtub. | Source: Getty Images

Luxurious bathtub. | Source: Getty Images


Have a Spa Day in Your Own Shower

Indulge in candles and essential oils to perfume your bathroom and add old-world glamour to your life. The whisper of soft, relaxing music is another must for that laid-back spa feel.


can be vital for anyone's day -- and not just for hygiene. A long, agreeable shower with a shower bomb or aromatic washes becomes an act of self-soothing and self-care.

Bathroom with plants. | Source: Shutterstock

Bathroom with plants. | Source: Shutterstock


Make Your Shower Green

Nothing is more soothing or refreshing than nature, so bring it into your bathroom. A tumble of green, luxuriant growth is an instant tonic; as a bonus, plants help purify the air.

Choose plants likely to thrive in humidity, like bamboo, spider plants, and aloe vera, and hang them in the bathroom for a touch of tropical splendor. Add a bundle of eucalyptus leaves to your shower head for a refreshing, aromatic shower.


Music and Lamps Are Sure Ways to Improve Your Shower Aesthetics

For an all-enveloping ambiance, don't stop with how the bathroom looks; think about how it feels and sounds, too, A state-of-the-art shower head is the way to go, and you can also install calming shower lights.

The lights are a cost-effective way to transform the feel and the look of your bathroom, enhancing your shower experience. The aforementioned candles or a salt lamp will also add to the serene feel of the bathroom.

While some might enjoy their showers accompanied by recordings of the sounds of nature or bird calls, others prefer classical music, or even rock and roll.

The trend of the Everything Shower encourages people to add to the shower experience and transforms it into a soothing and reenergizing moment. Step into that shower and pamper yourself.

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