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5 Brilliant Post Thanksgiving Hangover Remedies


November 19, 2020

The holiday season is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to overindulge in everything. Food, parties, and alcohol are in abundance at this time, making it easy to overdo it. 

A Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without at least one too tipsy relative at the table. Whether it was to cut the family tension or get into a celebratory mood, we’ve all had one too many at some point. 

Too much of a good thing can feel really horrible in the morning, and a hangover can last for hours. Fortunately, we have a selection of easy home remedies that’ll relieve the symptoms and regrets. 

Try Some Ginger 

Studies show that ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient and remedy for nausea. The plant has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and has always worked to calm the restless stomach. 

Nutritionists also recommend a cup of ginger tea with honey and lemon for its benefits and a fresh taste. Your family will appreciate you brewing a pot of this yummy tea to ease their stomachs in the morning. 

Take A Nap

Alcohol inhibits the quality of your sleep, which means you can wake up tired after several hours of sleep. One of the best ways to fight hangover symptoms is to rest up and let your body recharge a lot more. 

Although some of us don’t have the luxury to sleep in on most days, we can pencil in a power nap. Thankfully,  this remedy works best during the holidays so you can nap all day and restore strength. 

The Pro’s Tip

Real pro’s know that you have to treat the hangover even before it starts and as soon as possible. Many people rehydrate with loads of water, but adding electrolyte powder will give your hydration a boost. 

The pro tip is to dilute an electrolyte powder in your water and drink it all right before you go to bed.  Doctor’s also recommend this at home cure as an excellent option to help prevent a full blown hangover. 

“Pedialyte is a good option for hydrating before bed and throughout the next day after waking up with a hangover,”

Says Dr. Kasey Nichols

Sweat It Out

Your body detoxes a little bit every time you break a sweat, and the alcohol leaves your system. You can either get in the sauna to achieve this cure or opt for a super beneficial workout session. 

The sauna can help you sweat out the toxins in your system, but you must be careful to stay hydrated. Additionally, exercise can help you sweat and boost endorphins to give you an energy boost for the day. 


Get Some Food In Your Stomach 

Alcohol can really affect your blood sugar levels, so eating is very important the morning after drinking. A nutritious breakfast with all of your favorite things can offer a good start for an alcohol busting metabolism. 

Try to include eggs, bananas, or spinach for potassium and lots of carbohydrates and salty foods. The Thanksgiving dinner leftovers will make an excellent addition to your hangover cure breakfast meal.