5 Butt & Thigh Workouts To Try On Vacation

We all want the perfect peach for summer, but it takes hard work and commitment even when you’re on vacation! But on vacation there isn’t much you can do about access to facilities and equipment, so you’ll have to go old-school!

While a perky bottom is quite aesthetically pleasing, it also supports your core and assists you while working out! Working on your hips and thighs can help improve your workouts overall and even helps keep back pain at bay!

Working out at home or on vacation is a lot alike, but maybe you won’t have access to the equipment you have at home. Here’s how you can modify your workout to keep up with your workouts from your hotel room while you’re away.

1. Squats


The squat is the best way to work on your thighs and butt, but it’s easy to get the form wrong! Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back straight, make sure your heels are firmly planted on the ground and hold the squat for a few seconds.

2. Bent Leg Kickbacks


This exercise works on your lower glutes and helps tone your thighs. Starting on all fours, crouch down onto your elbows, then raise your leg back and stretch out your leg. Do 20-reps per leg to keep those thighs tone!

3. Donkey Kicks


If you’re used to doing donkey kicks with weights then an exercise band is an essential travel item. You can wrap the band around your thighs for added resistance to give your legs a bit more of a challenge.

Keep your leg at a 90-degree angle and hold it before bringing it back down. You can do 2 sets of 20-reps just before getting ready to hit the beach!

4. Glute Bridges


Glute bridges are a great butt and thigh workout, and to add a little more of a challenge you can raise one of your legs. You can do it with a weight as well but if you don’t have one accessible you can do more than 10-reps per leg!

5. Clam Shells


This one works perfectly with a resistance band and tones your outer thighs! Lying on your side supported by your elbow, bend your knees and keep your feet touching as you raise and lower your knee.

Repeat on either side for 20-reps. These are easy techniques that can help you stay in shape while on vacation or at home! So you can keep your booty perky throughout your vacation!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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