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Bedroom Workout: Cardio Has Never Been This Much Fun


November 09, 2020

Getting in sex for better shape. Yes, you read that correctly. Exercising is good for sexual performance, but sex is also good for a quick exercise. Basically, there’s another G spot you can hit when you’re not hitting the gym.

Before we go any further, sex is not the replacement for your regular workout, and although you will be burning calories and getting a bit of cardio done, this is by no means a serious workout plan. But if you happen to be short of time, sneak in a few minutes of these bedroom calorie-burning moves.

Activities that get you sweating will help you burn calories, so if you’re looking to tone up, certain sex positions will target specific muscle groups. Emma Sayle, founder and CEO of Killing Kittens, worked with Triple Threat Trainer, Clementina De Gregorio at 1Rebel to pull together a comprehensive sexercise guide. These are some of the positions they reckon will make for a steamy exercise from the comfort of your bed.

Crouching Cowgirl

This position is the equivalent of holding a squat and pulsing in the gym. It’s so good for sculpting the legs and booty, while the person underneath gets to take a back seat.

For the person underneath, this exercise will work your core. The ‘cowgirl’ will be working on quads, glutes, hamstrings, core, lower back, and calve muscles.

Reverse Piggyback

This position requires strength and balance, and you will feel like you’ve had a full-body workout. Definitely one to try if you haven’t made it to the gym that day.

By wrapping your legs around the person standing’s waist, you’ll also be working your inner thigh muscles. You might feel the effect of this one on your body in the morning.

Standing Splits

This position requires a lot of effort from both parties – strong form and posture are particularly important here to stay standing. It will help to build stamina and endurance, pretty much hitting every muscle in the body at some point.

Standing splits are excellent training for flexibility here by lifting your leg over towards your partner’s shoulder. If you are not here yet, you can lift the leg, hinge at the knee while your partner stabilizes you. Great for balance and stability and a full-body workout for all parties involved.

Missionary Plank

Great for core strength building here for the person on top, and you can expect to feel some serious shoulder, arms and chest burn too – just like a regular plank.

The person on the bottom should work to lift their hips and squeeze their butt to target glutes as well as the abs here.


Crabwalk Cowgirl

In this position, the ‘cowgirl’ will be getting the most significant gains, mainly in the quads, glutes, and core feeling it the most but getting to use the arms behind for some support.

The other person will feel this one in the abdominal muscles as they strengthen their core in this position.