5 Car Essentials To Keep In Your Glove Box

We’ve all been there; you’re behind schedule and need to get ready on the go nearly every single morning! Before turning your car into a closet on the go, there are a few things you can add to your glove compartment to make getting ready on the go more convenient.

Your car is a massive part of your life; we use it for work and everything in between, making it a place we spend a significant amount of time. The mornings are the one time where having everything you need in reach could be convenient.

You can probably organize the mess in your car using all the nifty gadgets online, but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to accumulate a load of junk, then these tips were made for you. You can keep these convenient essentials in your glove compartment.

1. Perfume

Photo by Kailey Sniffin on Unsplash

Ever leave the house and get to work or your date and realize that you’ve forgotten to put some perfume on before you left? Too many times!

Sometimes that little spritz before you go gives you that extra pep in your step and a boost of confidence. Most perfume bottles can fit comfortably in your glove compartment, but if you’re not someone who uses it often, then a small bottle of your favorite scent should do justice!

2. Extra Masks


Accidents can happen; after a year of not leaving the house without a mask, it sometimes still happens that we forget. Your mask could break from overuse, or you could have passengers that need a mask to go into a mall. Whatever the reason, extra masks are essential.

You don’t need to put an entire pack of fifty in there, but a few just in case of emergencies. You could probably save someone a few bucks outside the grocery store because you’re packing spares!

3. Chapstick And Lipstick


If you’re not that big on lipstick, you don’t have to keep it in your car, but chapped lips can strike at any moment. Having a chapstick in arm’s reach is going to keep your lips hydrated and soft. So if you’re making out with anyone, later on, you’ll be grateful for it!

4. Blotting Paper


Now that summer’s around the corner, driving in the heat is going to have you sweating loads. With sweat comes oil, and we’re always doing our best to combat oiliness.

So before you get out of your car, take a moment to blot out the oily spots. If you’re wearing makeup, it can save you from a cakey look and getting powder all over your car!

5. Pad And Tampons


We all know how periods can just sneak up on you, and if left unprepared, you’re going to ruin your underwear, pants, and if you don’t have leather seats, SORRY! So keep a few extra in your glove compartment, and who knows, you might just be someone’s superhero!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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