5 Celebs Who Slid Into Each Others' DMs

Apr 26, 2021
06:00 A.M.
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Many people choose social networks to find love. The idea is not at all bad since these platforms are at the origin of a good number of love stories.


Sometimes, it is not to find love but to network and expand their horizons. While it has worked for some ordinary folks, celebrities also do this, and it works for some of them.

In the celebrity sphere, for example, several stars have met on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Discover the star couples brought together by social networks.

1. Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner


The story of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner began on Instagram according to the revelation of this actress of Game Of Thrones.

The couple has many friends in common on this social network, and they have decided to play matchmaker. Suddenly, Joe decided to send a private message out of the blue to Sophie. Joe and Sophie got married in 2019.

2. Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra


In September 2016, Nick Jonas first contacted Priyanka Chopra by message on Twitter. He told her that their mutual friends wanted them to meet.

The Quantico star later texted him. The marriage of this couple dates from 2018. Today, we see how they have merged cultures and are beautifully in love.

3. Lizzo And Chris Evans


Lizzo revealed in a TikTok video that she had drunkenly sent Chris Evans a message on Instagram to indicate that she was shooting her shot.

One day later, Chris Evans replied to her. He said there was no shame in a drunk DM'ing. The star also revealed that he had done worse on the app. This was in reference to the nude photo he accidentally shared online in September.

4. Amber Riley And Desean Black


Amber Riley made the first move on Desean Black by sending him a simple yet effective message instead.

In his follow-up, Black replied, and they have been getting to know each other more as the days go by. In November 2020, they got engaged!

5. Wells Adams And Sarah Hyland


The couple recently got engaged. On the Jimmy Kimmel set, Sarah Hyland revealed that Wells Adams contacted her via Instagram message in 2017.

She didn't ignore the texts because she's been interested in him ever since she saw him in the movie. Plus, she fell in love with the way Wells Adams talks. The couple got engaged in July 2019.

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