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5 Easy Tips To Refresh Your Workspace For More Productivity


May 16, 2021

A new month is always a perfect excuse to usher in a new project. We are talking home office. While many of us have been working from home for a couple of months now, it’s time to reassess our house, especially if it lacks energy, balance, and focus.

Therefore, this space where we spend tons of time matters. To become more efficient, many of us have tried to minimize distractions by keeping everything we need at bay. Consequently, our WFH area is cluttered.

Tidier spaces make us more efficient. Plus, it wouldn’t be hurt if it was prettier, too, right? Use this weekend to embark on a new activity of breathing life into your workspace again with these five easy tips to create more productivity.

Create Space For Little Movements

Hands up if you can’t sit still during a phone call. Many of us find it more helpful to pace around since it’s easier to think better. Therefore, if you’re home office allows, move the furniture around and create room in between.

However, if you mostly have video calls keeping you cemented by your desk, there is still a way to get some movement in. Consider getting an Echo Show 10 that will still keep you in view as you pace around the room while sharing your thoughts. 

Zen Zone Your Desk

Plain is not inspiring, and neither is clutter. Therefore, start by assessing what is essential in your workspace by using feng shui. Feng Shui is a method that helps you balance your energy and de-stress when your eyes are off the screen.

Creating a feng shui zone considers four areas: top right representing love and marriage, top left for finance and wealth, mid-right for creativity, and mid-left for health and family. Play around with scented candles, family photos and often rotate to balance your space. 

Have A Plant Corner

Just because you’re working indoors doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors in. Adding greenery to your space will not only brighten it but also create a more relaxing atmosphere. Besides, there are more chances of keeping your plant baby alive since it’s in front of you every day.

Also, plants have the added benefit of filtering the air, thus creating more value for you. You can also experiment with growing herbs such as basil and mint for their aromatherapeutic scents. Besides, you can also use them for cooking after work hours, so win, win.

Create Ambiance

It wouldn’t hurt to add a little personality into your office space without breaking the bank. So bid goodbye to the dusty memo pad you’ve kept since high school and play around with office decor, or have a device you can speak to when you need music instantly.

If you’re not sure where to start, think about impressive aesthetics first. For instance, you can add beautiful handblown glass bowls to your desk and use them for stationary or lip balm. Don’t underestimate how adding touches of color can inspire creativity. 


Turn Towards The Light

Rotate your desk to face the natural light. However, ensure it isn’t directly by the window. There might be too much going on outside that might distract you. Facing your laptop against the natural light has a ton of benefits.

First, it reduces the amount of blue light exposure meaning quality and more sleep when you finally hit the bed. Secondly, your skin is exposed to helpful vitamin D on sunny days, and lastly, it reduces the chances of seasonal affective disorder.