5 Easy Ways To Spot An Authentic Designer Handbag

Feb 24, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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The need to constantly invest in ourselves is endless and some of us may still have a few coins left over after Valentine’s gifting season. If you’re finally considering making that leap and purchasing your dream designer bag to include in your wardrobe, this article is for you.


Yes, you may want that good quality designer handbag that would last you a lifetime and pair well with the majority of your wardrobe staples however, in hopes of a good deal, you might turn to online sites to try and make a saving.

However, you want to avoid dropping some pretty pennies on a replica. Designer knock-offs have come a long way and are beginning to look more original. If you’re ready to make the purchase, here are five ways to spot an authentic designer handbag.

Pay Attention To The Workmanship


Before making a huge mistake that would cost you in tears, make sure you study the stitching since this is the first tell-tale sign of an authentic designer handbag. Designer handbags have tight, perfectly even stitching with no appearance of loose threads.

Any appearance of uneven or slanted stitching is a sign of a poorly constructed bag with could potentially be a counterfeit. If you are unable to tell, worry not as designer brands have their own stitching codes where knowledgeable companies will use to authenticate the bag.

Take A Closer Look At The Logo


The next and most obvious sign is the logo because this is where the slip-up for the copies usually is. As obvious as it seems, always ensure the logo is spelled correctly and the size of the logo is accurate with the plates being accurate.

In fact, through the logo, designer bags easily stand out from market dupes and even ensure to include unique details to help spot a genuine piece. Therefore, to confidently flaunt your new bag on social media, always double-check the logo to ensure it is what it says.

Read The Authenticity Card


If your aware the brand of designer bag is meant to come with an authenticity card but the seller is not forthcoming with it, claiming it is either lost or they don’t have the card, hold on to your coins. This is a clear sign you should not be trusting of the seller.

If you have already purchased the bag and are still unsure, head over to an authenticating company that will do the rest of the work. Also, opt for the companies that require you to drop the bag for physical authentication, instead of those that advise you to send a picture.

Weight Of The Bag


When purchasing your designer bag, ensure the weight matches the product. Since dupes use substitute materials and fabrics, the weight of the bag tends to be lighter than leather and other precious material. Especially with bags that have hardware with brass and gold.

In addition, ensure the hardware is heavy, not hollow, and doesn’t show signs of imperfection. If the bag is made from metals such as brass or gold hardware, it should not tarnish and just like the price tag, should last you over a while.

Price is Key


Now, as tempting as it seems, an authentic designer bag will never be marked down to clearance prices. Besides, it is a rare occurrence for genuine bags to be discounted so always ensure to do your homework.

If you’ve had a chance to visit the designer store to view your dream bag and purchase through other sources, make sure the shade, weight, lining, and logo match what you are being offered because if the deal is too good to be true, the majority of the time it is.