5 Items That Have Been Cursed In Real Life

The supernatural world has always drawn so many curious minds, even though it can be scary. Ghosts, spirits, spells, and curses are all things we often see in movies but are also present in real life. 

Although it’s more practical to be skeptical of the supernatural, there are just some things we can’t deny. The human mind also loves to unfold mysteries, so we can’t completely write off some spooky stories. 

Haunted houses and curses seem like far off fables to scare children, but some research proves otherwise. Gather around all ghostbusters and take a look at five items that have been cursed in real life. 

Dead Man’s Chair

There’s no evidence of the cursing, but let’s just say that you will die if you sit on the executed murderer’s chair. 

Annabelle The Doll

Getty Images

Annabelle belonged to a nursing student who had an exorcism at her house after the doll attacked her friend. 

The Deadly Phone Number

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Three people who shared a Bulgarian phone number (+359 888 888 888) all died horrible deaths. 

Hope Diamond

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Suicides, hangings, and dog attacks have affected people who’ve come into close contact with this diamond. 

The Terracotta Army

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These figurines are allegedly responsible for a destroyed village and the lives of the archaeologists that found them. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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